Trains in central Europe, central Asia trains: to build international freight trains “artery”

Central European trains: “let chengdu is so close to the European”

“With the help of rong international thoroughfare, imported cars no longer transit of tianjin, but into chengdu, home car imports from Europe and not repeat check.” Engaged in more than 20 years in chengdu imports business ShaXiaoBo said, time is fast, convenient procedures for parallel imports became a dealer in chengdu to be bestowed favor on newly. Chengdu import dealer, largely due to paste the construction of the channel. Since March 2011, the official opening, has dominated central trains “rong’s” international railway transport passage, let China inland faster than shipping the goods in Europe more than 20 days.

, deputy director of economic and information commission of chengdu li-king Yang when it comes to “rong’s” fast and convenient, said even the European friends wonder how “China chengdu is so close to Europe.”

With the increase of aging, transport costs account for only one over ten of the air, “rong’s” passage makes foreign transport enterprises more a pattern, high value, through xinjiang ala shan kou exit value accounted for 70%. After 6 years operation, central Europe (chengdu) trains has been successfully break through 1000 columns, become the first central European trains breakthrough thousand columns. So far, including wuhan, xi ‘an, urumqi, 24 cities in China have opened central trains lines article 46, arrived in 11 countries 24 cities in Europe. Activities for the realization of the path between the unicom, logistics flow, promoting the construction of “area” provides a powerful guarantee capacity.

Central Asia trains: from xi ‘an to almaty, as long as 6 days

In November 2013, starting in central Asia trains “changan”, continuously to carry the “made in China” out of doors, as shaanxi, xi ‘an practice plays an important role in the building of the silk road economic belt gripper, is the gold on the “silk road economic belt” trunk line.

“Changan” since starting operation 294 classes, 13733 cars, 460000 tonnes of goods transport. Its operation greatly save the delivery time. With its “xian – kazakhstan” branch as an example, from xi ‘an harbor area to almaty, kazakhstan, schedule in six days, to save than in the past 19 days.

Transport of goods “changan” category is also very rich, including industrial raw materials, machinery and equipment, building materials, industrial parts, food, light industrial products and so on six big class a total of 206 varieties, covering oil drilling equipment, various building materials, and nearly hundred kinds of clothing, the daily life of the electrical equipment, cleaning supplies, furniture and other light industrial products.

Since November 28, 2013, the Asian development bank in xian to almaty central Asia international freight trains, train from xi ‘an, baoji, tianshui, lanzhou, urumqi, from ala shan kou, domestic mileage of 3151 kilometers.

Central Asia trains operation for more than three years, the success with the “made in China” go abroad, has become a silk road economy bring important trade ties and cohesion of central Asia, well versed in international logistics channel.

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