Two $170000 range rover rong Paste the trains for the first batch of imported cars

On June 17th in the afternoon, the reporter learns from chengdu customs, the first batch of imported cars in chengdu in sichuan province customs QingBaiJiang railway port to out of the box. It is reported that the number of the vehicle for a total of two land rover brand cars, its value is about $170000 before tax. Them on “rong European trains” starting from nuremberg, Germany, after more than 9800 kilometers, across Eurasia spent more than ten days later, two QingBaiJiang railway port land rover arrived in chengdu, it marks the chengdu vehicle import port officially up and running.Two $170000 range rover rong Paste the trains for the first batch of imported cars

Cars arrive in port on the same day, customs officers out of two land rover car a quick inspection, and the related models, configuration information for further verification. The vehicle has been transferred to the customs supervision area, for enterprises to complete the follow-up appraisal of customs and tax payments can be extracted after release.

According to the customs office in chengdu controller introduces, automotive import ports, refers to enjoy to carry out overall business range of imported cars imported from abroad. Since February last year, chengdu approved vehicle import port, is one of the few in the Midwest of the state council interior automotive import port layout, broke the imported cars for decades in sichuan province from the history of tianjin port or Shanghai port of transshipment.

Since chengdu successfully approved vehicle import port, chengdu customs positive research policy support measures, targeted put forward the “declaration”, “appraisal” in advance “classified” in advance, to improve customs clearance time, help the car companies shorten operation cycle, and last year November completed the import port inspection work in chengdu.

For sichuan and the western region the broad masses of users can be in “home” to buy imported cars from all over the world, European production cars can smoothly with ‘rong’s quick iron directly into sichuan province. Compared to ocean model at more than two months of transportation cycle save nearly 75% of the time, greatly shorten the delivery cycle, greatly save the logistics cost, two-way international cooperation has opened up a channel for the auto industry in our province, sichuan is to speed up the construction of economic zone into the silk road.

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