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Local time on June 19, President xi jinping arrived in Warsaw, began a state visit to the republic of Poland.

When xi jinping’s special plane in Poland airspace, the polish air force fighter airborne escort. At 5 PM local time, 25, special plane arrived at Warsaw the cogency military airport. Xi jinping and Mrs. Peng liyuan stepped out doors, the polish foreign minister vass schaefer, chief of staff, the presidential palace toure, beside the gangway warmly welcomed, such as inside respectively on both sides of the red carpet.

Xi jinping, his sincere greetings and good wishes to the polish people. Xi jinping pointed out that Poland is one of the first countries to recognize and establish diplomatic ties with the new China. Diplomatic relations between the medium wave over the past 67 years, always mutual respect and equal treatment. In recent years, the two countries established strategic partnership and vigorously exchanges, and in China – central and east European countries cooperation, china-eu relations within the framework of good cooperation. China attaches great importance to relations with Poland, hope to consolidate the traditional friendship between the two countries, expand exchanges and cooperation in various fields, to promote bilateral ties to a new level.

Wang huning, chestnut gauntlet, Yang and other accompanying officials arrived in.

China’s ambassador to Poland, Romania and at the airport.

Xi jinping arrived in Poland in the end after a state visit to Serbia. When leaving Serbia, the Serbian President tomislav nikolic and Mrs Draghi, prime minister wu qi qi off at the airport.

Poland is the second leg of xi’s trip. Xi will also state visit to the republic of uzbekistan and attend the Shanghai cooperation organization (sco) held in tashkent 16th meeting heads of state council.

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