The delegates to visit Poland – Warsaw

A local Chinese participant left Mr Tell qq finance, they are consistent with the evaluation, the silk road international BBS specifications, more than expected, they engaged in the electrical business, hope to be able to on the BBS, search and business cooperation opportunities in China.

“Area” construction, financial, explore investment and financing mechanism has become one of the highlights of this BBS. Including the cic, the export-import bank of China, China development bank and other financial institutions, as well as the world bank, the representatives of international organizations such as the European bank for reconstruction and development, to attend the meeting. As the world bank, South Korea, Mongolia, bureau of Bert hofman joke, just on the stage of institution can raise the countries along the “area”, half of the money.

If the stage, how many have some official color, so the audience a heated discussion, more can reflect the practical of BBS.

Is some visible results, minister of commerce gao hucheng in China, and Poland’s deputy prime minister and minister for economic development mora, with him together, more than a dozen medium wave both sides signed a cooperation agreement. For example, the export-import bank of China, respectively, and China development bank, a development center, Poland, the polish information and foreign investment agreement signed, and huawei and Warsaw university cooperation agreement signed by mathematics and computer.

Ningbo, chongqing, wuhan, zhengzhou, sanya, mayors, and all the way to Warsaw, looking for business opportunities, exquisitely page the PPT with sincerity. Now, vice mayor of zhengzhou Xue Yunwei said, by the opening of the central European trains to zhengzhou, beer and other specialty in Poland, 11 days can be shipped to zhengzhou.

In 2015, the European Union for 11 years, as China’s largest trading partner and bilateral trade reached $3.51 trillion. Polish as the first trade with China topped $10 billion in central and eastern Europe, since 2005, has always been in central and eastern Europe’s biggest trade partner of China, in 2015, China became Poland 21 largest export market and second largest source of imports

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