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China chengdu international railway port in sichuan province is the only international rail freight hub, is also planning of transport hub and modern logistics functional areas of chengdu, is shouldering the as open to the west of chengdu “angel” and “carrier”, to promote the western China and central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the cis countries economic and trade exchanges to provide a stable, fast and safe logistics channel. Especially put forward the strategy of “silk road” countries, chengdu international railway port quickly become an important node of asia-europe two-way “land bridge”, chengdu to accelerate the historical process of the construction of regional international centre which turn over a new leaf.

A, the “six integration”, construction mode, cargo throughput of 2014 center center one in the country

International railway port is located in chengdu QingBaiJiang business park, built in the “5 · 12” wenchuan earthquake 52nd day on July 3, 2008, chengdu post-disaster reconstruction first important transportation infrastructure projects. Center including “two stand two park three areas”, namely the chengdu railway container terminal and greater curvature chengdu railway station, international container logistics park in chengdu, chengdu QingBaiJiang bulk port logistics park, international railway community service center, headquarters commercial port zones and western big development of household building materials trading center, covering an area of about 10 square kilometers, is China’s most development potential and vitality “of the Yangtze river economic belt” and “silk road economic belt” in the important transport hub.

From the point of view of planning determine the development of our railway freight station, logistics base, international ports, bonded logistics, lingang industrial zone, the business community six big space carrier. Combining with the characteristics of logistics system process, practice for the construction of the “six of one, seamless” business philosophy, to meet the development of logistics industry and three industrial integration of internal demand. A development model consistent affirmative, won the industry park has won the “best logistics park in China” “China logistics park demonstration base”, “top 50 Chinese logistics park”, “national top ten most investment potential of the market business circle” and so on the title, received from all over the world and domestic leaders at all levels, government departments, logistics enterprises, experts and scholars of various groups such as more than 1000 batches of a visit.

At present, the development of the chengdu international railway port in its infancy, but its role is very obvious, the development potential is very huge. Central station 1, 2014 – December 424973 teu, up 13% from 2013, ranked first in the country. Among them, the &heavy dispatched 75006 teu &heavy amount to 211418 teu. By the end of December, a total of 1.745 million teu. Since August 7, 2014, the opening of the rong filter molten iron transport trains, as of the end of December realized total throughput of 3838 teus.

Second, approved the only railway port opening to the outside world, the fourth national, sichuan chengdu become closer asia-europe distance “outpost in China”

Chengdu railway port in southwest China’s sichuan province on December 23, in 2011 passed the port office organizes joint acceptance, and started operations in April 1, 2012. Chengdu railway port the only port of railway transportation platform has become the chengdu area, taking 70% of the chengdu within the scope of import and export goods customs clearance. In April 2014, the national port management office below approval, agreed to chengdu international railway port of chengdu railway port to external opening port of national temporary, for this is the fourth after Harbin, zhengzhou, chongqing railway opening port, is the only type of rail freight in our province national port opening to the outside world. Approved national temporary port opening to the outside world, after successfully implemented “one declaration, one inspection, a release” global customs clearance, chengdu railway port import and export volume increased regulation.

At the same time, chengdu railway port on September 11, 2014 allowed to build into meat specified port. Will direct chengdu entry meat products, reduce the intermediate links, can not only standardize the order of meat imports, conducive to improve the quality and safety level of imported meat in chengdu, chengdu import animal products distribution center construction and development of production factors market. Radiation at the same time, can also drive the rapid development in the western region to speed up the export-oriented economy, promote the balanced development of inland and coastal areas. Next QingBaiJiang fruit will continue to apply for import port and vehicle import port.

Chengdu railway port 1 – December, 2014 regulation import and export volume of 622000 tons, year-on-year growth of 41.8% (the same below), including import 313000 tons, an increase of 70.6%, exports of 309000 tons, up 21%; Import and export value of $1.93 billion, an increase of 6.2%, with imports of $850 million, down 16%, exports of $1.07 billion, up 34.5%; Regulatory containers (teus) 29000 cases, an increase of 14.6%, with imports 13000 cases, increased by 30.8%, the export 16000 cases, 4.1% increase; Customs declaration of 9877, an increase of 33.3%. By the end of December 2014, chengdu railway port has regulatory containers (teus) 67000 cases, value $5.048 billion, 1.3 million tons of freight volume. According to statistics, there are more than 400 goods import and export trade enterprises by chengdu railway port to the United States, Japan, South Korea, more than 100 countries and regions.

In order to further expand exports, imports, chengdu international railway port planning and construction has 275 mu of chengdu railway also bonded logistics center (type B), the development of bonded warehousing, international transit, international distribution, international procurement and value-added processing, commodity display, export tax rebates, and other functions, has now completed the infrastructure construction, open conditions are ripe, is actively declare. Next, QingBaiJiang will also vigorously introduce well-known boating company and port office, speed up the railway “anhydrous harbor” and public rail transport transit platform construction and upgrade of container, yard and port management and service level.

Three, the “double gold international channel” points of Europe and central Asia

In 2013 launched the “rong’s iron”, July 16, 2014, central Asia freight trains are also QingBaiJiang issued the first train. Two throughout the total population of 3 billion of the “silk road” of economic belt gold international channels, make western logistics center open advantage upgrade again more closely connected with Eurasia.

“Double gold international channel”, one of the “rong’s quick iron”, through the “silk road” economic belt, is one of the five to Europe railway, is currently stable operation, operation frequency, the fastest, throughput, the biggest China Europe international rapid rail freight direct trains. The trains from chengdu railway container terminal, the xinjiang ala shan kou exit, via kazakhstan, Russia, belarus and other countries to lodz, Poland station, 9826 km of lines running time is 12 days, is currently the only European train operation, fixed departure on Saturday every week. With the aid of the asia-europe continental bridge “, apple’s ipod, dell laptop, etched with the marked identity of Szechwan “MADE IN CHENGDU”, and east China, south China auto parts, home appliances, clothing shoes and hats, industrial products, daily necessities and other products after a arrived IN lodz, Poland, rapid distribution within 1 to 3 days to anywhere across Europe, walked into the homes of European countries.

Open from April 2013 to run to the end of December 2014, rong’s quick iron operation 45 classes, total 13000 tons of cargo, value $490 million, 3698, send the container with a tank full of rate rising from 50% in 2013 to 50%, a total of 14 shifts temporarily increases the wagons. As of December 2014, has accumulated operation 76 classes, 6238 teu cargo 18000 ton, value us $570 million, sources with southwest, south China, east China, and many other areas. In 2015, “rong’s quick iron” will be operation return trains, two-way and stable operation, when the French red wine, Poland’s beef and even German cars will reach all the first shipment, make chengdu distance closer asia-europe “outpost in China” and the European goods into China’s important gateway.

“Double gold international channel” second central Asia freight trains, officially opened on July 15, 2014. Train from chengdu railway container terminal, lanzhou, urumqi, run 4 days later to the ala shan kou, in after the change, respectively to almaty, kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, bishkek in tashkent, uzbekistan, tajikistan, dushanbe and turkmenistan ashgabat, lasted 5 to 7 days. Central Asia trains will carry domestic small commodities, small appliances and other products shipped to the five central Asian countries, explore the international market for chengdu, and even the entire western brings more opportunities. At present, the chengdu international railway port is grasp with lodz, Poland, Shanghai, shenzhen, ala shan kou, huoerguos, erlianhot, qinzhou bonded port area, chongqing, luzhou and other places to establish regional cooperation relations, the next step will be opened in chengdu to qinzhou container five trains, realizing the depth of the railway logistics and maritime logistics, make chengdu international railway port of the world railway logistics hub is possible.

Four, Europe and Asia, ambassadors and international press corps, intensive visit big logistics advantages make chengdu world 500 strong investment hot spot

The opening of the “double gold international channel”, cause the height of the Eurasian continent. On July 24, 2014, from uzbekistan, European and Asian countries such as Russia, Georgia, azerbaijan ambassador to China, the commercial counsellor, officials gathered in QingBaiJiang, visit “rong’s quick iron”, “central Asia freight train” provenance – chengdu international railway port; On July 28, 2014, the Ukraine traveled press delegation visit chengdu international railway port, port in promoting international trade development of chengdu international railway on the role of praise; At the same time, the German “business daily, al jazeera, Japan’s NHK television press corps, Hong Kong, part of the mainstream media and central and eastern Europe 7 countries have also come to chengdu international railway port field visit.

“Double gold international channel” bring large logistics advantage, make the chengdu international railway port into an international well-known enterprise investment hot spot. “China’s iron content”, “China railway”, “cosco” world 500 strong project has successively, such as “silver plow chain”, “sinotrans”, the industry well-known enterprises such as “China logistics” QingBaiJiang also successfully settled in chengdu, the ground project up to 45, agreements with a total investment of about 16.8 billion yuan. Chengdu, and with the help of the international railway port established in the “silk road” economic belt of logistics hub, also greatly boosted the layout of the world’s top 500 in chengdu. In the first half of 2014, the city’s new three “fortune” the world 500 strong enterprises, in rong settled in a total of 255 world top 500 enterprises, comfortably in the Midwestern cities first. Talking about the world 500 strong project at present, the chengdu with “rong’s quick iron” in the “new silk road” to establish the important hub of economic belt is preferred. Can clearly see that through “Eurasia land bridge” brought about by the “industry to the west”, step by step, is change the course of the future development of the chengdu.

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