“Rong o +” : to the chengdu train all the way “area”

At present, chengdu is welcomed this opportunity: as the connection between the north and the south of the silk road and the Yangtze river economic belt important node of city, which once inland city is from China’s opening up to the rear to front.

So, with such a belongs to the future of China’s open roadmap: from chengdu, the tianfu international airport and the shuangliu international airport as the origin, accelerate erection global reach of the “silk road” air; In chengdu international railway port as the coordinates of the land, outside the radiation are acceptable in the north and south, across Eurasia.

This roadmap, chengdu people call it “rong o +”.

On November 16, 62 BMW imported large trade car and two parallel imports, land rover on the central European trains rong quick iron reached chengdu international railway port from Europe, become the trains since opening in 2013 for the large number of imported cars.

Two days later, the chengdu railway bonded logistics center (type B) officially start the operation, marked the chengdu international railway port bonded logistics business officially put into operation. Since then, chengdu hope for developing international transit, international procurement, international transit trade and other high-end services, is no longer just a dream.

A gold freight channel, an inland anhydrous port – chengdu QingBaiJiang as starting point to Europe, South Asia and other regions of the radiation “rong o +” strategy, at the same time of break through national west open chains, chengdu to accelerate international logistics hub.

Domestic fastest trains in central Europe

Series “the pan-european” big market

Distance 9826 km from chengdu to Poland, Europe. In the past, the exchanges between chengdu and European goods, either by sea or by air. In either way, however, need to pay the high cost of time or the price.

This dilemma, and finally in 2013 was broken.


April, originating in chengdu central European trains rong’s quick iron QingBaiJiang container terminal officially opened. Line by the baoji, lanzhou to xinjiang ala shan kou exit, via kazakhstan, Russia, belarus and other countries to lodz, Poland. “Rong the iron experience multiple speed quick, the one-way transportation time has been reduced to 10 days, is the shortest central trains, domestic shipping time is only a third of the sea, and the cost of air transportation of one 6 to one 8.” Said, head of the port and logistics office of chengdu, chengdu to export goods to Poland after the rhodes, can be in 1 to 3 days through the European railway or highway network distribution to Europe anywhere quickly.

As china-eu trains rong’s quick iron of stable operation, the west open channel is completely through, and with the chengdu “rong o +” full implementation of the strategy, the open to further accelerate the speed.

Now, in the central European trains rong fast at both ends of the iron, the rally point of Western Europe has covered central hub, form a pattern of “the pan-european”; On the east of chengdu starting point is connected to the domestic cities through fixed trains, then, Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia. According to understand, as

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