One Belt And One Road win-win cooperation, china-eu trains operation 6 years: a customs form direct European destination

CCTV network news: the central European trains by chengdu operation is the most stable domestic direct European bank, bank number, most trains with the shortest running time, the international logistics channel has attracted more and more products even coastal enterprises in sichuan on trains in central Europe.

An international famous brands of laptops in chengdu production enterprises, the reporter saw in accordance with the orders from the customers of Europe, the laptop has just rolled off the production line, will complete the assembly within 48 hours, take the central trains 14 days or so can be sent to the hands of European customers, shipping time only for a third of the sea.

In addition to laptops, china-eu trains on most of the goods to the household electrical appliances, in order to reduce the production cost, many well-known brands of domestic TV production line, have the capacity of the coastal cities moved to chengdu.

Some electrical appliances (chengdu) co., LTD manufacturing module workshop staff He Xia: before the European product import, we will have the off-season and busy season, since last year the European import product, we production line side frontline staff workload is more saturated, past this time is free, a bit busy right now.

At present there are 2 columns on an average day central trains from chengdu, the return on an average day 1 column, since this year by the class to Cheng Kaihang on April 12, 118, the return operation 71 classes, mainly on the goods for home appliances and tools, mechanical products, lamps and lanterns, computers and semi-finished products, automobile and auto parts, etc., is accounted for most products, household appliances and tools accounted for about a third of all goods.

China-eu trains along the countries to implement a customs declaration, inspection, all release at a time, adopt the unified waybill, reduce intermediate links, that is to say, only need a customs declaration form, can reach Europe from the beginning until the end, and the enterprise can also the flexibility to choose the nearest regional customs declaration or pick up the goods.

Chengdu customs live QingBaiJiang, deputy director of the office Huang Tong: enterprise may declare in any port, any port pick up the goods, especially in area of customs, a joint between us and them, from the customs to release, about two-thirds time shortened. Especially in insurance area customs enterprises use the fast rail travel more convenient.

According to Huang Tong, in order to serve central trains customers, office also opened a specialist position, difficulty of goods handled in time for customs clearance, booking customs clearance for 24 hours at the same time, the timely release of export goods. Convenient customs clearance, our customers from sichuan development of trains in all over the country, engaged in international freight forwarders kan king wong have experience greatly.

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