“” area”, win-win cooperation “has just rolled off the laptop within 48 hours on trains in central Europe to Europe after 2 weeks

CCTV network news: the latest data from the China railway corporation, China and the eu freight trains operation for six years, has been running train 3682 columns, boarded the CCTV reporters 15 X from chengdu to Poland (rows) 8086 central trains, further explore the story behind the trade channel.

Central European trains from chengdu to lodz, Poland X8086 train

Reporter zheng Andrew Lin: “at noon on April 15, from chengdu to lodz, Poland’s central trains X8086 train leaving chengdu container terminal, after starting from chengdu to baoji, lanzhou, turpan and urumqi, ala shan kou, from the exit, and then walk in kazakhstan, Russia, belarus, eventually to polish rhodes.”

Household appliances and tools products about a third of the central trains all transport of goods

A day on average two columns of china-eu trains from chengdu, which are carrying special “passenger”? Statistics show that one of the most is the household appliances and tools products, accounts for about one third of all the goods. In chengdu, an international well-known brand notebook production enterprises, the laptop has just rolled off the production line will be completed within 48 hours of assembly, and then take a central trains, 14 days or so can be sent to the hands of European customers, shipping time just for one third of the sea.

Land time shorten the customs clearance more convenient also

Land time was shortened, customs clearance is more convenient, the current central trains along the countries to implement a customs declaration, inspection, all release at a time. Unified waybill reduced the middle link, that is to say, only need a customs declaration form, will directly from starting point to reach the European destination. And enterprises can choose freely area to the nearest customs declaration or pick up the goods.

Chengdu, sichuan province, deputy director of the customs QingBaiJiang office Huang Tong

Chengdu, sichuan province, deputy director of the customs office in QingBaiJiang Huang Tong: “companies can declare in any port, any port pick up the goods, especially the tracking area customs, we a joint between railway crossings, enterprise declare to release about customs clearance time shortened 2/3.”

At present domestic has 24 cities running trains of central Europe

Including chengdu, at present, our country already has 24 cities bank central trains, through the article 46 line 24 cities docking 11 European countries.

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