Do foreign trade, the goods you why you always be customs inspection of the goods?

The foreign trade check is an intangible expenditure, many cross-border e-commerce sellers are distressed, why is their goods always inspected by the customs?

In fact, the experience of looking for years of clearance in Europe and Asia suggests that the chances of a client being examined are a few thousand. And if we can start with the details, we can greatly reduce the chance of checking, and speed up the customs clearance.

Move the bench, class!

First, we must understand the regulations and requirements of major countries for imported products.

United States: FDA certification, FDA declaration, DOT form, shoe certificate, Lacey form, toy related certificates, child product certification, non-toxic certification, EPA certification, antidumping products, etc

UK: electronic products to the UK require CE certification, no copy and infringement, and if similar to a brand, the License Agreement of the brand must be obtained.

Canada: ensure the quality of your products and keep your name as low as possible.

Japan: absolutely no infringement. Japan has a special Food Quality Appication Fee. At the same time, food related products need to provide manufacturing process flow charts and component tables for testing.

So, the point is,

How should we reduce the inspection and speed up the customs clearance?

It is suggested that the customers in Europe and Asia should import their own importers to reduce the chance of inspection.

Product name: try to keep a low profile, don’t use special names that are particularly easy to attract customs attention, such as honey traps, bubble bath foam. That’s why we must know the name of the customer’s English.

Sometimes, a product that has no problem is likely to be examined and disputed by the customs due to the customer’s inappropriate name.

Product material: there are a number of products, in fact, there is no problem, but the description of a particular part of the material is belong to anti-dumping, for example, thermal paper, wax, etc., in the description of goods, not to mention thermal, paraffin wax, and sheet metal drawing, if the goods are the metal plate, will also be considered anti-dumping.

Product value: do not pass low declaration, generally is according to the actual price 65% declare

Customs code: must be accurate (this is also the reason why the name of the goods is put on record). Customers should not be allowed to switch to customs clearance at a lower tax rate because of high tax rates.

Customer importer qualification audit: before the ship is open, consult the customs clearance agent, the customer’s importer is valid.

Box label: for those goods that have already been known to check, please post the box label for inspection officials to find the goods as soon as possible and reduce the inspection time.

Before shipment, you must complete all the required certificates, materials, boxes, etc.

On sensitive goods

Sensitive goods: it is recommended that customers import from their own importers and not take special lines.

Description: don’t use sensitive words that are particularly sensitive to customs attention

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