In may, the price of sea freight or the surge in the economy

The recent shipping market is a mess! The congestion of the port has been so congested that a new round of detonation, shortage and price rises have come again. In recent days, a number of foreign trade and freight forwarders have responded, and there is a shortage of cabins in Europe, India and South America at the end of this month.

What is worse than a bomb cabin is not even a cupboard! According to some foreign trade people, including OOCL, MOL, EMC, HMM, etc., there is a shortage of cases in several shipping companies, and it is becoming more and more serious, and it is estimated that there will be no respite in the short period of time. The large foreign trade and freight forwarders will pay close attention, early warning and arrangement!

The picture below is an empty heap

It is reported, this round of April the detonation tank, short ark, the main reason is due to ship company may open the sharp rise in price mode, cause everyone focused on the concentration at the end of April shipment, which in turn create tension in the space, with tank. According to incomplete statistics, several shipping companies, including dafa and Mediterranean shipping, have announced plans for a higher price in May. Take the European line of the dafu ship, which rises from 20GP to $1,050 on May 1st and 40GP to $2,000!

Here, also special remind the general foreign trade freight forwarders, my friend, please closely monitor the latest development of shipping companies, ports, to do a good job of coordination, to avoid problems when shipment!

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