Xi jinping and his polish counterpart, duda, attended the silk road international BBS

Over the past two decades, Poland and China cooperation between the two countries made countless fruitful results, including the central and eastern Europe in 16 countries with China dialogue mechanism of 16 + 1 “cooperation”, improve trade and investment between us and opened between chengdu and polish city of rhodes “rong’s quick iron”.

Mr Xi’s visit to Poland has attracted attention. This means that recent changes in polish government have not led Warsaw to reject the east outright, since China is seen as a strategic partner in Poland’s economic and political sphere. It also illustrates the importance of Poland’s understanding of the silk road economic belt and the 21st century maritime silk road. Poland has an important strategic position in implementing the initiative. Poland provides the most short of east and west road connections, you can polish territory to the Baltic, black and Adriatic seas, this made polish Eurasia aggregation point.

Trade offers countless opportunities. For example, Poland could benefit from rising domestic production costs as an important link in the growing chain of production. Companies can seek cooperation in infrastructure, high-speed rail, air transport and shipping. Both sides can benefit from tourism, students and academic exchanges, and the establishment of innovation centers and science and technology.

This is a historic moment for Poland to become a regional strategic hub. But to full benefit from the silk road economic belt, Poland’s need is not only the political will and strategic location, but also need to put into action. This calls for comprehensive cooperation between the two countries from resorts to various institutions, as well as inter-city cooperation and people-to-people exchanges. In addition, the central and east European countries should formulate a common road map, strategy and specific infrastructure and investment projects, to avoid mutual competition to attract investment.

Equally important, the roadmap, strategy and project of central and eastern Europe should focus on the larger picture of Europe. To this end, ceecs need not only have a long-term planning and strategic partnership with Germany and other eu member states.

In addition, don’t forget that Russia, as a close neighbor of China, has said it will adopt the “One Belt And One Road” initiative through its dominant Eurasian economic union. Therefore, should focus on the future development of “5 + 1” cooperation mechanism, this mechanism include Russia, kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, Armenia, belarus this five countries and China.

Getting off the road is not an option for Poland. Poland cannot afford the opportunity to let the new silk road slip away. Poland’s new policymakers must ensure that their countries can use them

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