The “friendship” express on the new silk road

Many international online coverage (China Radio International) : when it comes to trains in central Europe, many people may just in mind for the first time in a train, but the train behind, not only is the transport of the goods and the exchange, especially along the central trains connected countries of different cultural, economic and trade exchanges, and interpersonal relationship. Central trains as the pioneer of the “area” initiative, not only opened the new silk road economic belt road thoroughfare, also let all the silk line in different countries people have chance to know each other and get to know each other, become friends.

From jiangsu ChanJing current work far east road &bridge company in Germany, he graduated from college in Germany has been doing the project of trains, ChanJing said: “China and the eu trains for people from different countries, speak different languages together. More than 100 colleagues, our company in Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow, Vienna and Germany, we come from different countries, have different cultural background, but we are all in order to do the same thing, namely central trains, this is a very with a sense of accomplishment.”

At work, he met Daniel, a worker at the duisburg DIT freight station, which is about his age. Typically, a list of china-eu trains finished loading need 8 to 12 hours a day, however, because the local conditions and customs clearance speed, the influence of such factors as the train will arrive late sometimes. In order not to affect the other trains, Daniel and his colleagues will be able to make up for the delay in loading and unloading the cargo. Daniel said: “is difficult for us, in accordance with the train timetable should be 8 to, but because of various reasons didn’t arrive late ten o ‘clock. We are ready to help in this case coordination, delayed trains during return on time.”

The “friendship” express on the new silk road

Daniel and jing (right) of duisburg DIT station became friends with the central European team.

In addition to his daily work, Daniel is always keen to help with the promotion of the ceibs. The Chinese are flexible, but in Germany everything has to be booked in advance. Daniel understands the different habits of China and Germany, and when he receives interviews and delegations from China, he will try to arrange it even if it is difficult. Mr. Shan said his trust and understanding with Daniel was one of his motivations.

In the fall of 2015, he met his local colleague, malik, while on a business trip in Poland. Malik used the polish’s simplicity and enthusiasm to give a sense of the unfamiliarity of his home. ChanJing said: “the polish dumplings, the pig intestine soup, completely strange country, because they gave me to eat a lot of kind of feeling. In malakand malik, I know he was driving a vehicle, enthusiastically introduced me to mara terminal over the years because of the change of the central European trains, when I saw these trains from Poland to duisburg, I often think of these friends in Poland, and eaten in Poland, they fun over there.”

ChanJing, malik said, is the first Chinese friend, he know in his mind, the boy from China, although far from home, but hard working, friendly, so they became good friends. Malik said: “my main job is responsible for central trains transport, because of that, I met a lot of people in different countries on the silk road, they are from Shanghai, Moscow, Basel, Switzerland, duisburg… we usually contact through social media face book, yes, so we became friends.”

Because malik work sites in Poland and belarus border, in half a month ago, he learned that in social media from Hamburg, Germany, the “silk road” run to the Shanghai German kay, only 20 km away from him, he arrived at the border early in the morning the next day, kay, cheer for him. Malik said: “I checked on the net kay after GPS positioning, the next day, I specially when he arrived at the border, and wished him good luck on the journey ‘silk road runner’. His long run is a remarkable feat, is the adventure of life, is also a good chance to appreciate different cultures and people, I wish him success, and hope he has many new shoes on the journey.”

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