Free trade zone in sichuan chengdu release new vitality, the 17th chengdu exhibition logistics development the commanding heights

In recent days, the sichuan free trade area (FTZ), which is located in the state of heaven, has been officially launched, opening up a path for cooperation and innovation in sichuan and the entire western region. Compared with the city of hebei, which was born in the same period, the FTZ is more focused on the innovation of the industrial economy. On the opening ceremony, leadership, sichuan province, points out that the construction of free trade area will be conducive to better integration into the global economy circulation in sichuan, better service to all the way “” area construction, deepening along with the national and regional trade and investment cooperation, and promote more leading-edge technology and high-end industry projects in sichuan province.

As the core of free trade area in sichuan, chengdu will QingBaiJiang railway port area and basis of tianfu new city area, lingang area three area form a tripartite confrontation, and build new skeleton into the economic development of sichuan province. Chengdu, the geographical advantage was further strengthened, except for the western regional cooperation and coordination development provide strategic support, the opening of the central European trains and double airport construction, let chengdu can more smoothly connected to yao and Europe, successful architecture in western China and the European fast and smooth asia-europe WuMao land bridge between. Predictably, as the new silk road hub node, the attitude of chengdu will be more positive, by expanding the international and domestic logistics “two net”, break the inland logistics industry bottlenecks, chengdu will be the domestic logistics industry innovation drive the development of the new engine and new base. More shelves wholesale, shelf supply, shelf market information is in the Chinese shelf industry network!

The old base is rejuvenated and qingbaijiang is the core of logistics industry


s southwest of the country’s first five-year “planning and construction during the period of the first industrial zone, qingbaijiang district, chengdu as the region logistics trade development laid a solid industrial foundation. The establishment of the chengdu qingbaijiang railway area in chengdu will revitalized the old industrial base.

According to the free trade zone in sichuan plan layout, single QingBaiJiang railway port area of chengdu, is chengdu rong originating the fast rail station, also is the new development of the high standards of logistics market in chengdu area, it carry on chengdu “silk road” of the land, to the world its importance is self-evident. Future as rong the fast rail line, the southern and northern have opened and divisions, freight volume has grown steadily, QingBaiJiang railway port in the international commodity distribution transport, distribution, display, bonded warehousing, vehicle import functions will be highlighted. Next, QingBaiJiang railway port area will focus on developing international commodity distribution transport, bonded logistics, warehousing, distribution, international freight forwarders, the vehicle imports, characteristic finance and other port services, go all out with firm reform attitude as core very inland free trade zone, sichuan power of chengdu and sichuan province logistics industry to take off again.

The advantages of the new silk road in chengdu are obvious

There is a “silk road” and there is a “central European class”. The implementation of the national “One Belt And One Road” strategy provides new ideas and new impetus for the development of world economic integration. Chengdu as the hinterland unicom silk road economic belt of the west to the international trade routes of the important fulcrum, (more information on shelf wholesale market and the supply of goods shelves, shelves shelves industry network in China!) Has built more than rong European trains, across the Eurasian continent, greatly solves the weakness in the field of logistics trade situation between the Eurasian land, for the countries along the urban communications and economic complementarity provides energy source. “It opens the door for Europe to enter China,” says Thomas Thomas, chairman of the chengdu central Europe group.

“How fast to save” rong European trains to improve the position of sichuan logistics, accelerating section in multiple industry in the province of resource integration, also contribute to the world unprecedented pomp of railway trade exchange. As of February 2017, the chengdu railway container central station has achieved a total throughput of 282.98 million boxes, the highest in the country. As rong European trains starting station QingBaiJiang railway port area of chengdu, is actively play the advantages of transportation hub, a central hub layout, distribution center and foreign logistics park, strive to paste the fast rail operation more than 1000 this year.

Air traffic is speeding up, and the construction of twin airports expands the chengdu logistics map

Although expensive for traffic core in southwest, is located in the inland of chengdu no shipping advantage, in addition to the land transport, air transport capacity of the importance of growing here. After shuangliu airport, chengdu is spending a lot of money to build a new tianfu international airport. After the completion of the airport, chengdu will be the third city in China to have a dual airport after Beijing and Shanghai.

Double the airport was built, with chengdu accelerate into the national “area” development, build a core growth pole of western economy, the development strategy of the construction of international metropolis. As is known to all, chengdu location advantage obviously, strong industrial base, with domestic and international economic exchanges and trade is very frequent, an airport has far cannot satisfy the need to urban development. Double the airport after the strategy implementation, will greatly enhance the chengdu international exchanges and further the position of the aviation hub in China, for the future development of free trade area provide important transportation logistics guarantee.

To comply with the logistics development plan, the development of industrial clusters has been fully integrated

Over the years, chengdu is committed to building and strengthening as the core of the main national logistics node city and province logistics status, lead the logistics industry fast development. According to the long-term development of logistics industry in the sichuan province (2015-2020), nearly five years in chengdu to take advantage of combined air traffic pivotal, super-large city’s economic function and tianfu new area planning and construction, promoting the core logistics hub construction.

In order to reflect the planning, reasonable layout of industrial demand, chengdu, according to the principle of “a main area”, the concentration of 21 industrial development area in the city a total of planning, promoting the development of industry concentration, intensive, the cluster. The reasonable industrial development area location, focused, clear hierarchy, function complete and distinctive, have attracted hundreds of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, which has both the world’s top companies such as royal Dutch shell, SONY, also includes car, faw liberation, China aviation industry in China, chinalco, and many other domestic large and medium-sized enterprises. The industrial park is fully optimized for the logistics supply chain of the enterprises in the enterprise, and helps the industrial leading enterprises to improve the core competitiveness in the form of strategic alliance. Efficient logistics operation and service in chengdu, many enterprises have achieved great development here, further fuelling the whole chengdu area of the local economy.

To seize the opportunity of the free trade area, the 17th chengdu international logistics exhibition will be launched

Big events, in particular logistics is, of course, this year’s June 28 and 30, the 17th China international transportation and logistics fair will be held in chengdu century city new international exhibition center grand launch. As the western region of China’s largest and highest level of professional logistics industry exhibition, the 17th chengdu logistics exhibition complied with a historical opportunity for free trade area in sichuan, effective with the help of central European trains unblocked the Eurasia, double airport construction traffic for realizing the “one-stop” air port customs clearance service, help to the west of chengdu, expand opening to the outside world channel build a highland a new chapter of inland open economy.

In addition to the focus of logistics and transport market in southwest China, the 17th China international transportation and logistics expo will be the exhibition of innovative thinking, a huge number of customer resources, strong industrial base, attracting Eurasia in numerous well-known exhibitors exhibition, display range will also covers the logistics services, special vehicles and equipment, land, sea and air transportation, and logistics information technology, logistics, real estate, logistics, financial, fresh distribution WuMao whole industrial chain. Overall, the exhibition will bring about sustainable development of logistics warehousing and related industries in western China and throughout Eurasia. (more store shelves, shelf supply, market information on shelves in China!)

Sichuan on start of free trade zone, the means of chengdu will have more opportunity to the forefront of opening to the outside world, and to be involved in the division of Labour in the coordinated development of world economy, more and more important role. The 17th international logistics exhibition is a major attempt to integrate innovation in the new form of logistics industry. Organisers expect more domestic and international logistics and related exhibitors to chengdu, meet on June 28 and 30, chengdu international logistics, complicity Eurasia logistics new blueprint, for the world economy to make greater contribution to the development of positive direction.

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