Foreign trade enterprise how to more effective cooperation in international business with the bank

How do foreign trade enterprises save financial cost in their international business cooperation with Banks

Today’s foreign trade has not previously that it can pick the s, the golden competition meager profits (and even some industry under hovering around 5%) for our foreign trade enterprises should go? On our FOB BBS we often see some tips and tips for dealing with foreign clients. But please note that as long as you I do foreign trade will have to deal with the bank, as the saying goes, the fittest fight, we how to communicate with Banks, foreign trade enterprises how to use trade finance and new financial tools, how to reasonable save their financial cost? I have learned from my experience in the international business of banking. But because the job is busy, time is limited, now chongqing hot dead, air-conditioning refrigeration, because of the low voltage nor too in hot water in my life, really sad. So I’m sorry I can only say part of it every day. Everyone’s support is my motivation for writing, and if I can settle my account in our bank, I really laugh! The greatest wish)

First, how to save the financial cost of the enterprise without the trade financing in the pure settlement of the export.

(1) T/T, T/T I believe this is the most commonly used a way of trade settlement, clearing Banks are also particularly fond of this way, because our bank assessment international business mainly is to look at the amount of consignments, T/T simple pure basic does not undertake any cost, settlement of exchange is a bank less need to do is special, but from the examination and other settlement way is the same, in particular. That our businesses in the T/T (T/T) after this high-risk settlement way for Banks to bring considerable benefits at the same time, how should we reasonable financial cost saving?

I think there are three aspects worthy of attention is the first of the settlement of exchange rate, in September 1, 2005 exchange rate after let go of the yuan rising, let’s do the foreign trade export comrades from day to day chilling import comrades died laughing (of course). Actually bank on it has been a very profitable, our enterprise at the time of settlement of exchange is selling foreign exchange bank also is same, but the number and size of bank sells every day is not our enterprise or individual can match, the bank is the level of the participants in the foreign exchange market, compared with the listing price we see often get the exchange rate is very favorable, generally there is room 1.8 ‰. So our foreign trade enterprise is in good cooperation with the bank foundation, of course is eligible to offer the request of return point. I’m going to give you an analogy. Suppose a $2 million settlement in export enterprises, bank T/T settlement of exchange profit = 2 million USD * 1.8 = USD 3600 * 8 = RMB 28800.00, that if I give companies like 20 points rebates are favorable settlement of exchange. Concessional customer 2 million USD * 0.002 = RMB4000.00. The Banks also have a profit of 24,800. So depending on our company, we should make reasonable return requests to the bank. My experience tells me that Banks generally accept an acceptable limit of 0.005. If you have an idea, you can contact me. I’ll give you an idea.

The second is the foreign bank charge of T/T, our enterprise when get the bank settlement of exchange memo are often found to have foreign bank charges deduction, puzzling. Ask the bank this is what happened, the general bank will answer you this is foreign bank buckle and our bank have nothing to do. This is actually a mistake, and it has to do with the settlement bank that we chose. Decide a cost is a bank in the international business on the strength of the concrete manifestation, is simple a sum of money coming in from abroad, after more than Banks, among natural deduction is much. If a bank abroad have excellent settlement network and improve the system of agent, the money will be little detours less deduction, naturally the same pen will have different different T/T bank charges. Don’t look down on this thing. It’s very impressive. How do we choose our settlement bank? Hey hey this is a complicated system engineering, is a good choice can save considerable cost for you, I only said principle today, how to do it, let’s leave at the end of the said.

And the third is the need for the dollar to settle? I don’t think it is necessary. You will be surprised that you don’t become the Chinese yuan. 🙂 generally temporarily not settlement dollars, the bank will help us on our company’s foreign currency account (as a foreign trade company no foreign currency, did not have a go to apply for, and don’t money), then we should do is to find a company to foreign currency, such as do import business, need the ship fee for overseas freight company, insurance company premium can be paid in foreign currency. Then discuss with them, we give him dollar, he gives us yuan, because they buy foreign exchange in RMB also need to undertake quite a lot of buy and exchange cost. Is it better to discuss the exchange rate than to find a bank? Have friends will ask, now is not the bank will charge the original currency exchange fees, as it is not good ah, the general bank on this charge is about 1 ‰, and some Banks can also avoid, here a year can earn much, understand the warrior to calculate, hey hey

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