How does amazon choose

At the beginning of amazon, a lot of novice sellers didn’t care much about the selection process, hoping to optimize their operations to drive sales. But if you don’t choose the right product, it will lead to a lot of detours in your later operations, and the product that you will always remember is the core of the long run. So how do you choose to face so many products on the market?

Before we start, we need to understand these features of the amazon platform:

Amazon buyers: pay more attention to when they shopping picture, price, user evaluation, product description, whether the prime, after receiving the goods, packaging beautiful and elegant is the first brownie points, followed by quality, quality or quality.

Amazon is a platform for heavy products, so Amazon’s product launches and sales rules are based on products and buyers’ evaluation of the product.

In pieces the amazon is a relatively standardized and the relative fair platform, perfect rules, to all sellers alike, so you don’t lead to resources in the tilt of big sellers, sellers can have the resources of the same size, convenient for small sellers from a certain point in the form of a winning breakthrough, rapid growth.

Here’s how to choose:

In one’s own case

Do the cross-border e-commerce business as far as possible from the industry that is familiar to oneself, the environment that considers around, do familiar business to be able to do half the work. Pick to select what they have understood, and is on the quality and price, the thing that oneself has the congenital advantage, combinative oneself circumstance choose products is particularly important.

Get the upstream source

A lot of sellers who are going to start doing e-commerce will blindly go to the B2B site to pick and make inquiries. Actually goods and B2B platform will not only have producers will have agents at all levels, if you have not been able to identify the manufacturer replenish onr’s stock, in the process of after sales, your price is difficult to have enough advantage. So there’s only one thing that you can do to pick up the goods that you can, so that you can get a good price for the product.

Product combinatorial thinking

Stores sell products aimed at different audiences. In this case, it is important to note that not all items are in the same price range and quality. A certain step effect will allow more customers to make a deal in your store. A mature shop should be made up of “hot style commodities + mainstream goods + profits”.

Hot style, as the name suggests, is a combination of current hotspots in mainstream products, and a product with low price or high price performance could become hot style. Hot style goods appear although it is difficult to predict, but in this give you a tip: in the amazon sales rank, you can refer to the amazon sales list, refer to the above hot commodities to set hot style of their stores.

Mainstream goods are bound to be cheaper than those in the same industry, or those that make customers feel more cost-effective.

A profit may be a niche product, and there is no basic price for them, or an imminent commodity. This is particularly true in apparel.

Core product selection

Choose an industry that you enter into, and start by understanding which resources can be integrated.

Familiar with various research tools.

Considering whether there is a whole chain of industry in your area, it’s the best choice to start with. Convenient resource integration, cost saving, maximum profit.

Choose the product that sells strategy, be the product that the cold door product still has a certain threshold, still be the popular product that is hot sell, the position should be clear.

Communicate with overseas buyers, master trends, keep good product acuity.

It takes a long time to represent domestic products or choose to cooperate with foreign ones.

Cooperate with the factory, study the development deeply, the road is more durable. Remember to choose high quality and reputable factory cooperation.

Take part in the exhibition and broaden your horizons.

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