The “holgos-dongmen” special economic zone is a joint project between China and kazakhstan

In August 2015, in the witness, the two heads of state, the government of jiangsu province and kazakhstan state-owned railway corporation signed the common development of kazakhstan “huoerguos – the east gate” lianyungang sco special economic zones and China international logistics park project strategic cooperation framework agreement, support enterprises in jiangsu “huoerguos – the east gate” special economic zones, investment cooperation.

As kazakhstan, one of the top ten special economic zone, established in November 2011, “huoerguos – the east gate” special economic zone, the east, is located in the most, is only 15 kilometers from xinjiang huoerguos port in China. “Huoerguos – the east gate” dc stock company deputy general manager’s secretary, mattel, dc planning covers an area of 45.92 square kilometers, including anhydrous port, logistics park, industrial area change and the railway station, the priority to the development of logistics, food products, textiles, chemicals, machinery and equipment, business life and industry. At present, the “three general and one level” has been implemented, and the investment promotion has been fully expanded.

According to the plan, the 129.8 hectares of waterless harbor is one of the highlights of the special economic zone. According to introducing, anhydrous harbor area, located in the narrow gauge railway in China and the broad gauge railway interchange, close to the highway, China – Western Europe can provide train transport, multimodal transport and LCL cargo, connection photoelectric sensors to track the goods and other service, greatly facilitate made in China or Chinese companies invest, d.c., after the production of products, into central Asia, Europe and other regions.

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