German logistics expert: China and Europe are on the timely and reliable economic and environmental protection

China-eu trains (CRE) on time and reliable, and economic and environmental protection, BMW production network logistics transportation scheduling, head of the Nobel, in BMW headquarters in Munich dix 3 an interview with xinhua news agency said.

Dix, said BMW began in 2011 with the aid of china-eu trains to transport the goods in China, delivery of the goods is roughly divided into three categories: the production of raw materials, engine parts and after-sales service parts and accessories required. BMW of major logistics shipping goods prior to the Chinese way is by sea transport, but in Germany inland transport to Europe or other parts of the port, the goods of time cannot be guaranteed. Attached great importance to the germans, he says, punctual, BMW after choice central trains, trains to ensure BMW, transport of goods on time, saving a lot cost for the company.

According to dix, in 2011, BMW’s goods were shipped to China on a weekly flight in central Europe, which was about 30 days when it arrived in China. Six years on, the company of goods this year has increased to a week on three central trains to China, destination, including shenyang, dandong and other places, transportation time a total of only need about 17 days.

Railway transportation provides BMW with another proven and reliable solution to the problem of “shipping slow and airfreight expensive”. Dix said it was confident that the company would continue to increase its capacity in the ceibs.

Dix also stressed that BMW’s choice of the ceibs was not only a matter of limitation and cost, but also for environmental and sustainable development. According to BMW, in 2016 BMW has cut carbon dioxide emissions by about 15,000 tons in terms of transportation, following the selection of the china-europe line.

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