There is no such thing as a “one-stop” big customs service.

Chengdu QingBaiJiang railway port area, on behalf of “land of the silk road” starting point, relying on the chengdu international railway port, targeting the international railway first port “. At present, the goods are in the fastest 10 days in Europe, which is the fastest in the country. Opening up to now, has been through the rail, water, iron, and iron, iron iron multimodal transport channel, chengdu has changed from “the western inland cities” to China trade new window and bridgehead in Europe, is one of the important bearing “rong o +” strategy.

At this point, the sichuan free trade area chengdu qingbaijiang railway port area

Standing at a new starting point, being a “neighbor” of the world

It also brings new opportunities for enterprises in qingbaijiang river

Now, the qingbaijiang people can experience it in no area

The policy dividend of the free trade area

The import and export enterprises of qingbaijiang can also enjoy more easily

“One-stop” big customs service

Chengdu international railway port port comprehensive service center adjacent to the joint inspection building, after the completion of the project will promote the “single window” service mode, for the import and export enterprises to provide “one-stop” big customs clearance service. The main body structure of the central committee has been approved by the Hong Kong administration of Hong Kong (HKC) recently, and the first and second floor halls have been delivered at the end of last month. The installation of office furniture and office equipment is currently under way and is expected to be fully installed and enabled by the end of this month.

As soon as you enter, you can see the “chengdu international railway port” several big words and the LOGO high hanging on the marble wall. Move down inside, and the hall was divided into left and right sides, set up the self-service area, multi-functional service, customs clearance documents office, international trains office partition, etc. At the scene of many workers are installing a desk and chair, computer and other office equipment, also has a lot of people wearing helmets, take a ruler quantity, remember, and consult with, they are all suppliers, for the hall of busy.

According to the introduction, the total construction area of chengdu international railway port comprehensive service center is about 160,000 square meters, the total investment of the project is 120 million yuan. Construction of the EPC project was completed in May 2016, and the main structure was completed and inspected in December of the same year. It is expected to be fully delivered later this month.

Chengdu international railway port port comprehensive service center mainly contains the port of port business hall integrated services, business information platform, free trade affairs service window and planning development, run the command center, etc. The center is divided into 4 floors, 2 floors underground, and the first floor is 2068.75 square meters, which is a comprehensive service hall for the business (including customs clearance business and inspection business). The construction area of 1688 square meters, on the second floor for the free trade zone in sichuan province QingBaiJiang area window and financial services, government services set 32 service window, a financial services window; The floor area of the third floor is 2421.21 square meters, which is the shipper, third party logistics service organization. The fourth floor is 2425.08 square meters, which is the planning gallery of the chengdu international railway port and the operation command center.

At present, the fta is in full swing. In order to better serve the small and micro enterprises in our district, jianxing qingbaijiang branch recently introduced the product of “small micro fast loan”. As of April 17, three companies in our district have successfully handled the business and issued a total of 1610,000 yuan in loans.

It is reported, “small quick” loan is China construction bank in the domestic first launched a online self-help all the loans to small enterprises, with “Internet + bank” double genes, both the Internet fast and convenient, and Banks and risk control technology, data support, improved the investigation, loan examination and approval and the efficiency of loans, realized the full process small micro financing customer network, self-support operation. At the same time, small micro enterprise “fast loan” does not have the limit of the year limit, as long as the construction bank opens an account and handles the settlement full 3 months the likelihood obtains conduction qualification.


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