Blockbuster! The seven countries signed the agreement, which will be the international logistics brand

On April 20, 2017, the logistics time, according to China, belarus, Germany, kazakhstan, Mongolia, seven countries, including Poland, Russia, the railway department formally signed “about deepening china-eu trains cooperation agreement. This is the first time China’s railway and the “area” all the way along the main national railway signed cooperation agreement about trains operation in central Europe, marked the closer relationship with the major countries along the railway, both for the central trains operation provides a more powerful mechanism safeguard, also to further close economic and trade exchanges and cooperation, China and the six powers booster “area” construction, is of great significance.

According to relevant controller introduces, China railway corporation based on service all the way “area”, the seven countries signed the railway “about deepening china-eu trains cooperation agreement, in order to improve the railway freight transportation between Asia and Europe market, driving along the country’s economic development and economic and trade cooperation as the goal, together create central trains international logistics brand, efforts to secure and mechanism for the development of central trains to deepen.

The main topics include:

One is to accelerate the development of railway infrastructure planning cohesion, build central railway transport passage, organized safe, smooth, fast and convenient and competitive central railway transport;

Second, we will strengthen the entire transportation organization, speed up the container operation, use information technology and improve the speed of travel in our respective countries.

3 it is to promote the service standard unified, unified information platform, to achieve full tracking, establish emergency reporting and handling cooperation mechanism, to ensure the safety of cargo transportation;

Four is to strengthen china-eu trains marketing propaganda, enlarge trains services, the development of new products, transport logistics to promote cross-border electricity, international parcel, cold chain transport goods, promote china-eu trains traffic continues to grow;

Fifth, we will coordinate the national customs and other departments along the belt and road to streamline the formalities for the customs clearance of the goods, optimize the operation of railway ports, and compress the customs clearance time.

Sixth, we will set up a joint working group on the transport of China and Europe and the working group of experts to solve the problems in the transport process in a timely manner.

, said the head of the rail head office will pay close attention to the signing of the agreement, adhering to the discuss, and sharing ideas, on the basis of summarizing the practical experience, the dominant drafted the China, belarus, Germany, kazakhstan, Mongolia, Poland, Russia railway on deepening china-eu trains cooperation agreement (draft), and organize the special team, railway departments each docking consultation with relevant countries, actively promote the signing of the agreement.

States parties to the agreement signed a widely welcome and support, DE, the iron, iron HaTie representatives have said, the Chinese central trains cooperation agreement along the initiative also represents the will of the state railways, by signing the agreement and the establishment of cooperation mechanism, will bring the better and faster development of trains.

Next, the railway company will actively coordinate all parties, jointly do a good job in the implementation of the agreement, to promote china-eu trains transport coordination mechanisms play a role, sustain a continuous and stable development of china-eu trains, promote the “area” construction of the railway service support capability, better serve the national economic and social development and people’s livelihood improvement.

It is understood that as “area” initiative is an important pragmatic cooperation, china-eu trains operation since 2011, has accumulated operation 3557 columns, 2017 in the first quarter of 2017 operation column, up 175% from a year earlier, the return trains 198 columns, up 187% from a year earlier, was welcomed by the countries along and support. Currently, there are 27 cities in the central and eastern Europe, covering 21 provinces and cities, reaching 28 cities in 11 European countries.

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