The cost of logistics of foreign trade enterprises is reduced by the Internet

Although the shipping industry is still in winter and freight rates are falling, logistics costs remain an unspeakable pain for foreign trade companies.

“The logistics cost is really high, not just the cost of freight, but the cost of labor is high.” A zhejiang electronics exporter told the huaxia times that logistics in the foreign trade industry have a certain particularity and the chain is very long.

Million navy data technology (Beijing) co., LTD., President of Han Bin also for the huaxia times reporters that long international shipping logistics chain, link, the link between the internal interaction is very traditional, lead to low efficiency of shipping logistics, error rate is high, the cost is high. And the best way to solve the cost of logistics is to use the Internet to effectively organize the existing chains and form intensification.

The cost of high

Opaque fees, complex processes and links, lagging information feedback… The shortcomings of traditional international logistics make foreign trade companies often feel headache and helplessness.

By a single vote goods exported from China to the United States, for example, its logistics experience of China’s land trailer transport, customs declaration, of the international maritime transport, and arrived in the United States after the road trailer transport and customs clearance, and so on. The middle section and the procedure are very much, often take months. Any of these errors will lead to a problem of cargo delivery.

“75 per cent of China’s exports are on a FOB basis, even if they are delivered over the side of the ship. This is because logistics and trade services are not sufficiently developed.” Han Bin said.

The reporter understands, mode of FOB (Free On Board, also known as “FOB”) is appointed by the buyer is responsible for the ship collect the goods, the seller shall at the port of shipment stipulated in the contract and will make the shipment within the time limit stipulated by the designated by the buyer of the ship, and promptly notify the buyer.

However, under the terms of FOB, there is also a problem with the transportation arrangements before shipment, and the domestic chains are also vexing the foreign trade enterprises. There is a wide range of port charges, and standards are the biggest problem.

“In fact national introduced some policies in recent years, port has some fees breaks, there are some items to begin to plain code marks a price, results in lower transport costs a lot.” But for foreign trade companies, the problem is still not fully resolved, the exporters said. Moreover, too long chains make the costs and risks of international trade logistics unmanageable.

As an essential part of the international trade chain, the agent of the goods is a headache for foreign trade enterprises.

“The company now has several clients in the Middle East, a month only two or three ark, but exports to logistics is not very understanding, hope to understand the people can contact me.” Li qing is a furniture company salesman, when he sent such a message in a BBS, some freight forwarders start kept his calls, goes below can only be turned off.

“Different freight quotations are very big, too cheap to worry about problems, too expensive to worry about being in a hole.” Li qing told reporters that he was overwhelmed by the difference in freight rates and the fact that some domestic towing, booking fees and terminal handling charges were added.

The reporter understands, according to incomplete statistics, at present the country has about 20 m forwarding enterprises, these enterprises the main job is to accept the commission from customers, help customers to docking with the shipping company, customs and other roles to provide goods logistics transportation services. But in it, a lot of forwarder all play a role of “being”, not to the ability of the shipping company booking space, using price and information opaque, by earning freight difference and raise to the foreign trade enterprise logistics cost.

In foreign trade under the background of continued downward, the cost pressure to let foreign trade enterprise is more and more uncertain, rising raw material costs, labor costs have to breath, foreign trade enterprises is helpless, the only can be laid hands on him, only the compression logistics costs.

Internet problem

China’s logistics cost is high, this is a question of everyone is aware of, shipping logistics cost is relatively low, but the cost of the combined with multiple chain upstream and downstream still not low.

Global trade in goods rely mainly on shipping, but throughout our country shipping, supporting logistics forwarder, intermediate links such as the whole team in a state of small and scattered, difficult to integrate form intensive advantage, combined with the shipping procedure is various, information transmission between each link is not timely, resulting in low efficiency of the logistics industry, is difficult to guarantee quality of service, logistics companies don’t earn money much lose situation.

And han is working on connecting links across the Internet to improve efficiency and service quality across the industry. To him, the Internet is a golden key to solving the problems of foreign trade.

“In terms of international shipping logistics, its chain length, links, those links for a long time the interaction between internal is very traditional, these patterns are low efficiency, high error rate and high cost.” Han Bin told reporters that the logistics as a kind of productive service industry, its inner is a kind of natural and demand, but it involves the shipping management, transportation management, warehouse management, the interaction between each other is through telephone, fax, E-mail, low efficiency, error rate is high, the cost is high.

From the point of international shipping logistics, China’s logistics enterprises and the European and American enterprises one of the biggest differences is that they are all can provide one-stop “door to door” service of the traditional enterprises, high profit. China, however, is a small, scattered and messy business, with many links and chains, and the overall cost is much higher.

“The cost of logistics in China is 18 per cent of GDP, and shipping may be less, but the costs are still high.” More importantly, says han, it is a paradox that these companies in China’s shipping logistics chain are not making any money.

In Han Bin point of view, the development of China’s logistics in the future must be intensive, either traditional enterprise grow up, or use the Internet to the existing each chain efficiently organize, through the platform integration of resources. “Objectively, the logistics industry in China is still a long way from this goal. It’s too big, too many links, not one day.”

Han Bin thoughts and official, recently, the department of transportation issued by the “about promoting supply side structural reform, promote the logistics industry” amplify authors “several opinions, strive to promote the development of logistics industry intensive, intelligent, standardization, promote the logistics industry authors efficiency. Not only for transportation in the logistics industry in the development of short and bottleneck problem for reinforcement, and fully integrating the developing demand of the logistics industry, actively expand service areas, encourage the development of new formats, actively seek and depth of the logistics chain, industry chain integration, strengthening between departments, coordinated development between regions, a variety of modes of transportation, construction of intensive and efficient service platform.

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