The Canton fair has shocked “old acquaintances” American fraudsters, and a Chinese exhibitor has been duped by 3m

On May 5th, the 121th Canton fair is over, but there are suppliers who have a scene of in shock.

On May 4, a video called \”the liar\” in foreign trade circles.In the video, an American buyer is considered by a number of exhibitors to show \”liar\”, caught a current, chaos.The American purchaser swearing, and pushing a Chinese girl, and then being taken away by the police.

Live video

Insult Chinese people, under the fair public believe as angry as you are watching the video and small fish, so how are the liar buyers for cheating?

Deception: under N order, payment in arrears, and disappear

According to introducing, this American buyers in a few years ago in China’s foreign trade fraud on the market, from clothing to shoes category, no tread.

His mode of operation: first and suppliers, show its great, then the N order more, appear in order to pay a 15% to 20% of the deposit, dragging has not after receiving payment, then

Take 4 or 5 months not take delivery of behavior, finally take goods missing.One supplier through on his ins eventually to chase the payment for goods.

On May 4, the man was caught in supplier current within the Canton fair exhibition hall, were tricked into supplier said: found he finally found the two days, didn’t know that he also dare to come!Suppliers immediately report to the police don’t let go, there are so many Chinese people around, he looked at was openly insult Chinese people, and shoving a Chinese girl.

(weibo screenshots)

According to incomplete statistics, only on the Canton fair at least ten foreign trade enterprises have been cheated, deceived amount of different sizes, one of 3 million Chinese exhibitors were cheated.

Were tricked into foreign trade business chats is illustrated below:

Engaged in foreign trade footwear, luggage products please remind each other, look for the man, vigilance!

Foreign trade transactions \”trap\”,

The biggest bug is TT payment

Drag is common to do foreign trade, foreign clients, foreign trade companies were tricked into the vast majority are in out of the question of payment, such as to sign and accept unreasonable terms of payment, let the customer when not fully payment got the goods.

Typical is already an agreement on the T/T, the customer did not pay the balance payment is to put the original B/L (sea transport bill of lading).

In addition to payment, there is a loophole in the l/c, the foreign trade business doesn’t use export credit insurance, the other party once the company bankruptcy will not be able to honour.

Be reminded that the foreign trade enterprise in the choice of overseas buyers at the same time, should choose a more reliable method of payment, guarantee the payment for goods arrive, to avoid the above events;And should be done ahead of export credit insurance, in case of risk, the insurance company will pay to the supplier.

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