Amazon is now selling black technology! How do sellers get rid of malicious and sellers?

Amazon now sells 40, 000 items a night with black technology

A new seller named Hannahs17 ma3 jia3 to change from day to day, using the amazon platform gathering loopholes, low price quickly with products sold more than 30000 SKU, delivery and set up the CA in the United States states, resulting in a large number of well-known brand product shopping cart was robbed. Use black technology one-time, the listing that has no master has not put on record all heel, and still be the product of Best seller.

Recently, amazon Japan has also been hit by black technology, with a lot of fraud and sales. There have been several new accounts in a short period of time, and some big brands, such as Anker and Aukey, are also vulnerable to the sale of popular goods on amazon Japan.

The new account is almost at the same time sold to tens of thousands of skus, as long as it is the top products, regardless of their category, all of them to sell, and then to sell at a price even lower 50% of the cost price of the products.

According to the disclosure, mass and sell, a batch and sell form can, also the matter of a few minutes. There are software that can record ASIN, which is automatically uploaded all night long on the computer.

There are questions about amazon’s policy

To sell is unique to the amazon platform features, the purpose is to reduce the number of listing, provide product diversity, the buyer of the good shopping experience, also contributed to the benign competition between sellers.

Amazon sellers love and hate to sell. For starters, it’s a good shortcut to make unexpected orders and traffic. For the mature sellers who are sold, it is harmful, not just for sales and profits. There may also be a price war. It’s the equivalent of having your hard-earned fruits stolen by others, but many times it’s no use complaining.

Amazon’s brand registration policy last month was a big step in the fight against malice and sales. But amazon doesn’t stop with selling mechanism, if really cancel to sell, self-built everybody go listing, search out the result and speed sell tong, eBay, full is same, it is not amazon to user experience.

How do sellers get rid of malicious and sellers?

At the heart of amazon’s prevention and sale is its intellectual property protection, and if it doesn’t, it can only stay at the stage of price wars with rivals.

Apply for the trademark, apply for the brand record to safeguard its own interests

The first thing that comes to mind is the brand filing. According to the big selling feedback, in many cases the product has made the brand record and automatically has the brand lock function. Brand lock is against seller for branded products have to sell the call of the privilege, but a few sellers said they applied for brand products for the record is not automatic locking, this time need to communicate with amazon.

The right thing to do is to learn the following seller:

We have set up the case and amazon to confirm that the brand has been successful, and now we have a brand name. Particular way is upsto brand registration (make sure can query to the normal state of live) – amazon brand for the record – open a case to remind for the record registration completed request brandgating amazon has brand or name brand restricted.

Brand gating is the first time amazon to restrict the activities of the brand to sell on a large scale, the seller said in a strict sense brand gating is brand extension of the registry, which is sometimes you want to sell some brand, the classification of the audit, but amazon will say you have no sales.

Do anti-counterfeiting marks on product or packaging

If there is no brand protection, the seller can combine different products and sell them together. Or put the logo on a product or package so that other sellers can’t sell it.

Report and sell to amazon

If the seller is sold with a brand authority or trademark, he can communicate with the seller for the first time. Tell the other person your product is protected by the brand and ask to remove it and sell it. But if they don’t hear multiple warnings, they can directly complain to amazon about the seller. The complaint is useful.

Share a few complaints and sales:

From the amazon backstage Contact Seller Support open case complaints, Report a is

In the case of the right holder, the complaint is at

The buyer’s identity test buy complaint

Complaint and sales email:

Check the performance of the seller

Brand patent infringement

Subject to a malicious attack or blackmail, email the subject: “feedback abuse report + Seller’s name” to

Summary: selling and selling is an effective way to increase sales and increase traffic, but it is also a high-risk activity. A complaint from authorized sellers or branded merchants and buyers will cause an account to be limited or blocked. New sellers also need to create their own Listing to create their own products and brands.

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