China proposes to promote global action

The graph is April 29, the first trip to China by Britain, central trains – yiwu (London), full of 32 containers such as soft drinks, vitamin “made in Europe”, zhejiang yiwu arrived destination. Lu bin (people’s vision)

On June 28, 2016, shandong Qingdao port, loading of Russian yamal liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in two large liquefied natural gas (LNG) module shipment customs clearance, set off to Russia. Yu fangping (people’s vision)

On April 27, the Hungarian drama “sissi” was staged at the tianqiao art center in Beijing. Xinhua reporter wei hai

On April 29, after 19 days and more than 12,000 kilometers, the first trip to yiwu, London’s central Europe, returned to China. Back to full of Chinese goods, a car made in Europe, as a matter of “area” initiative pragmatic cooperation, “central trains” has operation of article 39, the cumulative number operation has breakthrough 3700 columns, arrive in 15 cities in 10 countries, become a unicom “neighbourhood” all the way along the trade of China.

In order to better promote the exchanges and cooperation between the countries along the One Belt And One Road, China has also proposed many schemes to gain recognition and response from countries along the belt and road.

Development leads to the trend of The Times

“In the past, the basic rely on both sides of yiwu international logistics by sea and air freight, international railway transportation is a new bright spot, a new engine, better service, international trade through more products’ central trains to central Asia and Europe, are exported to all over the world.” As “central trains” operators, yiwu TianMeng industrial investment co., LTD., chairman of Feng Xubin confidence in the company, “this year we will improve in the ‘central trains along the important city layout, is planning to build overseas offices in Spain, Germany distribution center.”

With the promotion of the “One Belt And One Road” initiative, China and Europe have become a bridge and link for economic and trade cooperation. Customs data show that in the first quarter of 2017, China to Russia, Pakistan and India, Poland, kazakhstan import and export growth of 37%, 18.7%, 19%, 37% and 27.7%; At the same time, the import and export of the eu increased by 16.9%, and the import and export growth of asean increased by 25%. The import and export growth of countries along the One Belt And One Road has been remarkable.

For more than three years, a China initiative has gradually become a broad international consensus and a global push. China’s all-round pragmatic cooperation has come up with a series of “China plans” :

We will increase political mutual trust, sign a memorandum of cooperation or cooperation plan, build a number of bilateral cooperation demonstrations and establish a mechanism for improving bilateral joint work. Promote the economic integration, to lead the Asian infrastructure investment bank, start the silk road fund, for all the way “area” within the framework of economic and trade cooperation and connectivity to provide financial support; Promoting cultural inclusion, hosting cultural exchanges such as the international cultural expo, the silk road international film festival and the book fair…

These “China solutions” conform to the irresistible trend of The Times and meet the unimpeded development needs. The Chinese academy of social sciences institute of the asia-pacific and the global strategy director li xiangyang told our reporter, “One Belt And One Road” from basic concept to specific projects, the unity of internal logic system. “The biggest feature of One Belt And One Road, compared to existing regional cooperation mechanisms, is development orientation.” Li believes that “One Belt And One Road” initiative tend to explore in the process of the development of the bilateral or multilateral more new cooperation possibility, “so we put forward the direction of developing Chinese scheme are also.”

Mutually beneficial outcomes benefit the world

“I think that to attend ‘area’ initiative for people of all countries and all the way, this is a to everyone and win-win solutions in China, is a let we felt that we share a common fate initiative.” The Pakistani ambassador to the United Nations, mariha lodi, said yesterday.

Launched the “area” initiative, along the line between countries in the economic and trade cooperation has achieved many significant progress and achievements, the silk road fund is one of the iconic mechanism construction achievements.

According to silk road fund chairman jinkee, compared with other investment institutions, the silk road fund positioning for medium and long-term development, support the development of the real economy, and promote international cooperation capacity. “The silk road fund is committed to complementarity with domestic and international investors, broaden the channels for investment cooperation, and promote” One Belt And One Road “multi-level investment cooperation.” Jinkee said.

Energy cooperation between China and Russia, for example, in a total of us $27 billion yamal liquefied natural gas (LNG) project, the silk road fund bought a 9.9% stake in and provide special loan. “China has done a lot of work to implement the great idea of ‘One Belt And One Road’. The largest pen is the Asian infrastructure investment bank and the silk road fund.” Russian researcher at the institute of finance, Vince said, the sino-russian joint yamal liquefied natural gas (LNG) project, many companies for many industries between the two countries brought the demand of choose and employ persons and stable income.

Figures show that in 2016, Chinese companies have in 20 countries along the accumulated investment of more than $18.5 billion, for the host country created nearly 1.1 billion dollars in taxes and 180000 jobs. Some experts believe that every $100 million of Chinese investment can generate a dividend of $500 million.

“Chinese investors not only have money in their hands, but they also have the backing of China and even the global market. The positive cooperation will surely achieve mutual benefit.” Sydney university of science and technology research institute, vice President of the australia-china relationship James lawrenson believes that “One Belt And One Road” construction to promote the related national interconnectivity, let the principle of mutual benefit and win-win results in the relevant country take root, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

The initiative comes from China and benefits the world. For more than three years, more and more countries and regions in the world thanks to the mutual benefit and common development of the concept and practice, in the future, around “policy unicom communication, facilities, trade flow, financing, and mutually” the “five”, China will welcome the divas involved with more open attitude, patience to listen to the puts forward new requirements for international cooperation, new idea, let more benefits to the people’s livelihood of major moves into the “chorus” win-win cooperation.

We will work together to meet the national strategy

A week later, One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak BBS will open in Beijing. China has set the theme of BBS as “strengthening international cooperation and building a” One Belt And One Road “to achieve win-win progress. Countries will work together to build a platform for cooperation and share the fruits of cooperation. The Chinese plan for One Belt And One Road is once again expected in the world.

“To discuss, and sharing, who were solved how to build, to build, who built the problem, it is all the way ‘community’ initiative by the mystery of the broad international support.” In the west of the national development and reform commission department inspector of the xiao said, “One Belt And One Road” pay attention to and the butt of other countries’ development strategy, consider the interests of the state concerned, along the pursuit of development of the greatest common divisor.

Regional strategic research center in Egypt lead researcher ibrahim Hector’s tower, “One Belt And One Road” contains two meanings: one is the revival of the traditional silk road, the smooth recovery of economic and trade relations between countries, to exchange, mutual benefit and reciprocity. Countries along the second is technology, the exchange of ideas, culture, art groups, make the affection between people is more and more close, more cooperation opportunities. Above all, the “One Belt And One Road” initiative is a relative development strategy of the countries along the belt and road, and the true realization of common development and the participation of all countries in the enthusiasm.

“Docking is also the advantage and feature of One Belt And One Road.” Li xiangyang to our reporter, One Belt And One Road dock with the existing cooperation mechanisms can effectively, such as docking with the asean community, Eurasian economic union with Russia to advocate for docking, moreover can also with Indonesia “sea highway” this kind of strategy of national level for docking. “The development of One Belt And One Road has determined that it can be connected to various forms of existing mechanisms to achieve common development.”

James lauren also believes that the One Belt And One Road initiative is a useful complement to other regional trade and cooperation arrangements, not competitors. “Regional comprehensive economic partnership, for example, it is a aims to reduce tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade to boost the growth of regional trade agreement, and all the way ‘ ‘area construction by improving the physical connection between countries to stimulate trade growth and lower transaction costs, the two promote each other, complement each other.”

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