“In the name of” the people tell you: why suspended amazon brand registration application?

Amazon’s seller said he had never been successful in the filing, asking amazon for a customer service, and the response was not to be filed by the brand until may. Amazon’s China merchants manager confirmed that the news was true, and that more than North America had suspended filing applications, including Japan and Europe.

Amazon’s branding page shows that we don’t accept applications until we launch a new “brand registration” experience on amazon. Please visit this page in early may for a new “brand registration”.

Why suspend brand register application?

Cracking down on fakes is a natural priority, but amazon has a relatively perfect system for counterfeiting. The suspension of the brand filing is a serious effort to crack down on the informal practices led by malice and sales.

Amazon is expanding brand registered projects, the fastest in early may, all brands are available on amazon registered trademark and intellectual property rights, brands can tag listing counterfeits, convenient amazon listing counterfeits and frozen account counterfeits. Brand registration is already in beta and will be used for free in North America.

Shoppers, brands or amazon can mark fakes through branded projects. Amazon also provides a project called “Transparency” brand, let users can use the code mark packages, so that shoppers, according to official information to double check the purchased products.

Pause branding, what signals are released?

Internal consolidation before upgrading: this may be a system upgrade prior to the arrival of the new registration process, integrating internal resources to prepare for upgrades;

2, combat malicious to sell: recent rampant malicious to sell, this may be to combat with amazon sells brewing big recruit, on the basis of the existing brand brand owners to better protection, stop to sell under the listing of existing brands, malicious and sellers need to be careful;

Let more Chinese sellers pay more attention to brands and brands: if new and effective policies can avoid malice and sales, more sellers will value brands and brands more. Brand sellers will have more advantages, and the trend of the future branding all know from the current situation, amazon sellers also pay more attention to brand, such as, at the end of last year to open the EBC new features, is mainly aimed at brand sellers, tell a story to attract buyers, so as to improve sales.

4, for the record, or will be more strict, is nearly the time limit: brand sellers exit after the upgrade of the amazon brand registry may require verification for trademark registration number and related information, before that kind of stick the logo, a photo, to use a website, can send a product in the age of amazon’s brand for the record in the past.

How to deal with the escalation?

There is no need to panic. If it is authorized to file, the authorities need to provide the authority directly. Recent unable to record the seller is to sell also can rest assured, as long as you have the brand authorization, when is sold with can directly provide authorization for complaint.

Need to apply for the brand sellers don’t stop process, this is just a temporary closed and will return to normal in May, as soon as possible to apply for trademark better protect their own rights and interests.

But there is a sign that sellers will be aware of the fact that, as the number of platform sellers increases, regulation and regulation will become more and more stringent, and the future belongs to the legitimate sellers.

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