China and Europe train container lines into the “fast lane”

On April 29, the whole course of China railway container transport co., LTD. “to return from London central trains arrived at the destination, marked the china-eu trains running back and forth (yiwu to London) success. This is the latest result of the construction of One Belt And One Road, the service of China railway container corporation, which is also a microcosm of the rapid development of railway container transport.

For further implementation of China railway corporation about “to develop the international multimodal transport, multimodal transport, and improve the railway logistics market share in the whole society” to “continue to build central trains brand, building construction all the way ‘and’ area that meet the needs of the international logistics system deployment requirements, at the beginning of New Year, China railway container companies around the” strong base standard lift quality, increase efficiency “theme, established in 2017 to work goal: to build the” china-eu trains, container multimodal transport, box “three major brands, year-round operation of china-eu trains 2200 columns, central Asia trains 2000 columns, complete business income is 6 billion yuan, strive to 8 billion yuan. Between January and April, China railway container co., LTD. (CDB), which organizes 886 trains, increased 163% year on year. The central Asian column 781, a 64% increase over the previous year; Iron and water transport class 2289 columns, up 225% year on year; The completion of the railway case was 22360TEU, up 41% from a year earlier. Revenue was up 96 per cent year-on-year, while profits were up 21 per cent.

The central Asian class of central Asia continues to develop rapidly. China railway container company strengthen with local government, the railway administration, communication and cooperation of the logistics business enterprise, increase the intensity of marketing and sourcing organization, actively develop new business projects, central Europe, central Asia trains operation Numbers keep high-speed growth. China railway container co., LTD., first worn the channel in China’s central Europe (yiwu to London), which co-organized with yiwu city government and related enterprises, earlier this year. On March 1, we participated in the custom class of the chengdu to belarusian auto parts. On March 28, cofco cooperation with cofco was the first of its kind in kazakhstan to xi ‘an. All the Russian imports from Russia to jiangxi are imported from China and Europe, and 30 columns are expected for the full year. In the week of April 8 solstice14, the ccea 71 series was the highest in a single week.

The percentage of total agency services increased gradually. In order to further increase the intensity of central Europe central Asian trains organization, strengthen the whole course service, good organization and work closely with the railway bureau, China railway container company strengthen communication and coordination with local platform company, strive to improve the whole service. On the basis of existing central Europe central Asian trains service work, the company vigorously carry out international supply special investigation and marketing, to improve the control of central Asia trains. At present, China railway container company with kazakhstan, Russia, Switzerland, Finland and other countries of the logistics enterprises in joint to carry out the international sourcing agent services such as marketing, cooperation to develop overseas distribution, strengthening the construction of overseas railway box of return point reached cooperation intention.

New breakthrough in multi-modal transport. China railway container co., LTD. Will strengthen cooperation with various railway bureaus, ports, manufacturing enterprises and logistics enterprises, and increase the strength of multi-modal transport organizations. Since this year, the company has with the middle peasants group holdings co., LTD., China coal energy group cooperation, on January 3, 35 tons of open top container operation for the first time in national railway coal graph g to xingang north station bulk urea intermodal container trains; On March 23, we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with xiamen Hong Kong and Hong Kong holding group co., LTD., and reached consensus on consolidating and expanding the high-speed rail link. On March 29, and wuhan railway bureau joint operation to shekou container multimodal transport trains residences. At the same time, they are working closely with the Hong Kong modern container terminal company and the isohui group to accelerate the development of the railway. Working with sinotrans and heavy industry group, we will promote the construction of container transportation and non-rail stations in China.

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