The logistics foreign trade platform, how to help the enterprise “the amazing leap”?

“We want to do a vertical rail freight in logistics.” Iron greatly founder and CEO shao one said, “the railway price is cheap air two-thirds, one to two times faster than by sea. If to central and eastern Europe countries, companies can save twice as much time, such as the goods from ningbo to Warsaw, Poland, sea transportation is 35 days, and the railway as long as 12 days.”

In cross-border electricity retail outlet for full half an year, the first to export tax refund “crab” NingXingYun platform usher in explosive growth: this past April, platform export nearly 10000 single, small package rose for several times.

Chongqing, wuhan, guangzhou, Shanghai… At the 3rd floor of the ningbo international exhibition center, the staff of the railway network are busy processing orders from all over the country. As of yesterday, the cross-border trade and logistics service had reached a total of nearly 40 million yuan this year, nearly 90 percent of last year’s total.

In cross-border electricity retail outlet for full half an year, the first to export tax refund “crab” NingXingYun platform usher in explosive growth: this past April, platform export nearly 10000 single, small package rose for several times.

Since the beginning of this year, zhuhai logistics platform and foreign trade comprehensive service platform have been developing well, which has become the new driving force of economic growth. According to the statistics from the provincial department of commerce, the import and export growth of ningbo was the first in the whole province in the first quarter. Them or engaging in predominantly railway transport, multimodal transport, or through the “online + offline resources service” one-stop services, import and export or speakers to form a union, support general small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to breakthrough success in the new normal.

Railway LCL:

It’s a billion dollar market

On March 30, the meeting of the e-commerce conference in 2017 was officially launched, and the first e-commerce conference was invited to share the case. “We want to do a vertical rail freight in logistics.” Iron greatly founder and CEO shao one said, “the railway price is cheap air two-thirds, one to two times faster than by sea. If to central and eastern Europe countries, companies can save twice as much time, such as the goods from ningbo to Warsaw, Poland, sea transportation is 35 days, and the railway as long as 12 days.”

In recent years, the booming cross-border e-commerce business has put forward a new test for traditional transportation channels. In order to shorten the transport cycle of cross-border goods, especially in fresh goods and new products, the majority of cross-border e-commerce companies have to use air transport to transport them. The company is aiming to lower the cost of logistics, with a consolidated rail logistics solution to the market. “We provide logistics from the car to pick up the goods, to automatically allocate the optimal packing/LCL, and railway transportation, to the port, customs clearance, and finally with local delivery in Europe or a series of services, such as postal delivery is solved the problem of the high transport costs, and reduce the cumbersome process such as cross-border customs clearance of goods.” Shao other said.

Founded in 2014, shao a piece of iron network greatly, integration of new chongqing, hunan new Europe, Sue with Europe and Germany railway, kazakhstan railway express railway trains resources both at home and abroad, such as to build the first domestic online international railway port and railway LCL transportation service platform. “Traditional B2B freight forwarders business model will build information asymmetry, deliberately to earn price difference. At the same time, the traditional forwarder information is not obvious, the goods, where the exact arrival time, etc. It is difficult to find.” He said.

Based on this, iron net USES is greatly “railway freight + Internet” mode, the user can directly online order, from traditional freight forwarders in the telephone, mail again and again the cumbersome process of communication. In addition, the platform for the forthcoming intelligent logistics query system, as long as the input starting and destination, the system will automatically give the optimal logistics solutions, and offers. The goods are on the way to be able to check the logistics information at any time.

Aimed at foreign trade orders, small single development trend of iron greatly opened up a new service form, LCL, the subcontract is a container of different small and medium-sized customers, such a 65 cubic meters of the container often can service a lot of customers. Shao other think, choose railway LCL, both for reasons of lower cost, and meet the future the trend of the structure is more and more small, the delivery of goods is more and more frequency.

Less than three years, the iron greatly net in the Yangtze river and Shanghai, guangzhou and other big cities have completed the layout, through and across the country central railway port cooperation, stable package warehouse agreement, to provide clients with elastic railway logistics solutions. At the same time, the self-built logistics warehouse in domestic and European region, wuhan, chongqing two cross-border logistics under supervised warehouse, logistics industrial park, Hamburg, Germany and Poland duisburg logistics industrial park will be completed.

In 2016, the company completed more than 45 million yuan in logistics turnover, and the number of cases was about 15,000 cubic meters, a 20-fold increase over the previous year. Of these, the box business accounts for more than 70 percent of the main revenue of the company. So far this year, the number of platform sales and orders has continued to rise sharply, with annual turnover expected to exceed 100 million yuan.

Packet exit:

Scattered sand accumulated into the tower

In the international mail exchange in ningbo, tens of thousands of postboxes are neatly placed in the customs area, methodically using automatic sorting and transfer equipment. They will then fly international flights to Japan, Russia, Europe and the United States. “Now, the export and tax rebates of small packages have become the main business of the platform.” Zheng haibo, general manager of ningxingyun foreign trade services, told reporters.

In December, ningbo ningxingyun foreign trade service co., LTD. Received the first tax refund of 35.24 yuan for the export of cross-border e-commerce in zhuhai. Before two months, platform customer shoes, knitwear, etc by ningbo international mail exchange goods sent abroad, become the city’s first single cross-border e-commerce retail outlet.

“The international mail exchange in ningbo has been set up for more than 10 months, and now there are about 50, 000 parcels a day.” Hai-bo zheng said, watch the parcel export potential, NingXingYun foreign trade service platform began to focus on the small package of export and tax rebate, through differentiation competition preemption cross-border retail outlet new “blue ocean”. “In March we do export business of more than 1000 single parcel, stable in or around a day, April only half a month to do more than 4000 single, focused on export destination countries such as Russia, the United States and Canada.” He listed a number of Numbers for the reporter.

Compared with the traditional general trade, export the packet’s biggest advantage is flexibility, timeliness is strong, but because the amount is small, customs troublesome, enterprises and individual operators tend not to refund. To solve the problem of packet of export rebate, NingXingYun specially developed automated customs clearance system, customer data to the platform, sorts the automatic import system, and implement docking with ningbo international logistics company. With this system, the customer’s export tax refund business is all in the hands of ning xingyun. “The client should have the tax ticket only, the other drawback formalities we will do.” Hai-bo zheng told reporters that a parcel is less tax rebates for two or three yuan, more than a few dozen yuan, “one month down, many customers received thousands of yuan drawback, tens of thousands of yuan is not in the minority. Now, the customer has change from previous’ no ‘to’ have a so-called ‘.”

, in addition to the export tax rebate service platform for suppliers and small foreign trade companies export financing, market expansion, the big orders as a whole, personnel training and other services, and overseas buyers can understand its orders through the platform for real-time production progress, logistics on schedule, product certification, etc. “Next, we will do cross-border electricity ShangYun platform, let all the data on a server implementation flow, maximum limit save the cost of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) and time. At present, NingXingYun implemented and speed to sell through platform of data connection.” He said.

In the future, NingXingYun platform will also launch a service package solution, help the masses of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to realize the “bulk”, power transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprise. For example, consider the establishment of a garden center, which will operate in the park, personnel training, product development, e-commerce support services, financial support and platform construction. “We hope that the international mail exchange bureau of ningbo will open up a special cross-border export area to help make a quantum leap in the export of our small package.” The platform is expected to achieve $30 million in imports and exports in 2017, compared with more than $10 million last year, zheng said.

Logistics alliance:

Strengthen the voice of the members

On December 13, 2016, the second big winner international logistics festival was held in ningbo, which gathered more than 1,000 logistics elites in more than 20 cities in China. This is part of BBS, the big winner logistics platform.

Two years ago, the founder of ningbo big winner logistics technology co., LTD., was led by the international federation of logistics suppliers (SAIL). The alliance to expand the global market, reduce the risk of cooperation as the goal, based on the mobile Internet platform for small and medium-sized international logistics enterprises to build up a network of global business sincere cooperation. Currently, the alliance has grown to more than 1,000, covering more than 50 port cities including Vietnam, Germany and Hong Kong, with 145 core members.

Developed “ningbo port which led to the huge body of logistics services, formed the ship company, freight forwarders, the trailer, road transportation, and other professional services, at present there are more than 3000 logistics enterprises in the town. But at the same time, because many logistics links, the phenomenon of asymmetric information is a lot of, need someone to mediators, make the whole logistics supply chain run more smoothly.” He Zhou ship, said on a global scale, the logistics alliance are not uncommon, the best is the world cargo alliance (WCA), there are more than 5000 members around the world, and has good profitability.

SAIL, social software development introduced the logistics industry “cargo goods APP”, in addition to like WeChat connections social function, and the whole ark, special cabinet, LCL, air box and other international logistics freight inquiries, container, shipment tracking, etc. Currently, the number of registered users of the “cargo APP” has exceeded 10,000, and has launched a small language version. Line at the same time, the annual national key port activities, promote SAIL alliance and “cargo goods APP”, in dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, xiamen, shenzhen, chongqing, nanjing, wuhan and other cities held a big winner in the international logistics cargo goods fan festival, in Hamburg, Germany, ho chi minh city, Vietnam and China’s Hong Kong group similar activities.

Ningbo found international logistics co., LTD., to become a member of the SAIL after, gradually set up its own overseas agent network, have to provide door to door to the logistics service capability. Today, the logistics enterprise has shifted from traditional freight forwarders to value-added services such as cross-border e-commerce and trade consulting.

“Our goal is, in the age of the Internet to create a low cost, high efficiency of global freight logistics alliance, let more and more small and medium-sized logistics enterprises can docking international market and obtain more say. At the same time, let the small and medium-sized logistics enterprises from all over the world through the SAIL platform and ningbo logistics industry cooperation, to ningbo the introduction of more international logistics talents, let” the last kilometer “more competitive.” “He said.

With the aid of “Internet +”, full stack transportation, storage, documentation, inspection, customs declaration, insurance, financing, foreign exchange verification and export tax rebates and other functions. Let small and medium micro enterprises fully enjoy the advantages and price advantages of platform integration, improve the bargaining power and market development ability… Today, our city more and more logistics platform, foreign trade integrated service platform is to thrive, the “cloud platform” colorful, bring new momentum for ningbo foreign trade economy, make yong qi “made” in the presence of the waves.

News memory

“One Belt And One Road” the cross-border e-commerce report

Russia has the strongest purchasing power

Report from our correspondent (reporter YuYongJun) recently, ali institute and DT joint financial report, for the first time in the form of big data, describes the cross-border electricity connected online, the silk road. Figures show that China and the “area” all the way along the country’s cross-border electricity connecting index of the top ten countries are: Russia, Israel, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech republic, moldova, belarus, Singapore.

Alibaba group vice President, ali dean Gao Gongbing, said online silk road will become the “area” of the construction of the pilot, cross-border electricity business cooperation can better achieve the “area” all the way along the national trade flow, better benefit the local people.

Russia, Ukraine, Israel, belarus and Poland are the top five countries along the “One Belt And One Road” countries. And moldova is the country with the highest penetration of cross-border e-commerce in China. Chinese-made phones and accessories, fashion jewelry, women’s clothing, clothing and accessories, nail art supplies are the top five categories. Moldovans, in particular, love cross-border online purchases of Chinese mobile phones. The bhutanese love cross-border online shopping for clothing and accessories made in China.

Formulated by ali institute of countries along the “area” cross-border electricity connection index, intended to reflect China and countries along the “area” in the compact connection degree of cross-border electricity trade. The higher the export index, the more the country buys “made in China” goods; The higher the import index, the more Chinese consumers buy the country’s goods.

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