The camel bell ancient road builds the logistics center — the old silk road of the camel bell, the long road of steel

May 6 in the morning, in the northwest region’s largest new international logistics hub station built, a list of trains safe trip in central Europe, a road west, go fast, go west Asia and into Europe, write a new chapter for rail service of the construction of the “area”.

“This column central trains 20 car goods to kazakhstan, 15 car goods to Germany, 7 car goods to uzbekistan. Among them, there are 13 cars, the other for container transportation. This is our the most prominent feature of central European trains running – vehicle and container mix. Therefore, our production is large, safety pressure also big.” Zhang yi, the new station master, speaks of the central European class.

Xi ‘an, the beginning of the ancient silk road, is also an important hub for the new Eurasian land bridge. The new station, which is part of xi ‘an west railway station, is a second-class station in the northern loop of xi ‘an hub. Zhang Yi said, from November 28, 2013 to the end of the year, the new built station operation trains 3 columns, in 2014 to 43, 2015 to 95, 2016, sharply to 139 columns, increased from the original monthly 1 column for a week now and three columns, normalized operation is realized.

“On November 28, 2013, shaanxi province’s first international line, the international line, was a special day to remember.” 36, assistant engineer liu and workmates working past memories, the mood is still very excited, “the first batch of goods is oil exploration equipment for special goods and the agent request xi ‘an railway administration to help loading reinforcement. We reimbursing, at that time only a week from trains operation.”

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