MINISO merit goods, changfeng borrow [One Belt And One Road] policy, firmly steps of internationalization

On May 14 solstice 15 international cooperation peak BBS “area” will be held in Beijing, xi jinping, the chairman will attend the peak BBS opening ceremony and roundtable hosted leaders summit. It is all the way “community” launched the initiative, the Chinese topic of the specifications of the highest international meeting, the pooling agreement, clear direction of cooperation, promote project, accelerate the process of “area” construction, let more pragmatic cooperation along the benefits of the people all over the world.

One Belt And One Road is a major proposal and vision proposed by Chinese President xi jinping during his visit to central Asia and southeast Asia in September 2013. It aims to rely on China and relevant countries existing multilateral mechanisms, with the help of the existing and effective regional cooperation platform, and actively develop along with the country’s economic partnership, to create mutual political trust, economic integration, culture include the interests of the community, fate community and community responsibility. Once the idea is put forward to get positive response, warmly welcomed by along more than 60 countries and regions, more than 100 countries and international organizations to participate in the global, more than 40 countries and international organizations signed a cooperation agreement with China, and form a broad international cooperation agreement.

As the pioneer retail industry the “new retail model”, MINISO merit goods positive response to the government called on, set up all the way to the office “area”, strengthen the contact and cooperation along with overseas countries, the high quality products and business model output to the world. MINISO of merit goods global co-founder and chief executive, Mr New retail expert Ye Guofu said in an interview: “all the way ‘ ‘area for China’s manufacturing and retailing has become big business in China, under the’ neighbourhood ‘initiative all the way, China’s private enterprises to actively” go out “, can realize multi-win-win situation.”

MINISO’s original creation from the beginning, the international development of the brand in the future is systematic planning, dedicated to the international market, building the international brand. Until now, the brand has been successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement with more than 40 countries and regions, covering all the way “area” along the multinational, such as Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, myanmar, Laos, Nepal, Georgia, kazakhstan, etc. According to statistics, MINISO merit goods at present nearly 2000 stores worldwide, across six continents over 20 countries and regions, and the number is still under rapid growth at a speed of 80-100 a month. It is expected to open 6,000 stores worldwide in 2020, with revenue exceeding 60 billion yuan.

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the brand competition is intense, overcapacity problem increasingly prominent, such as enterprises in improving their own at the same time, the “going out” has become another important questions. “Area” all the way through the great continents, a head is active east Asian economic circle, a head of the developed European economic circle, deep among the masses of the national economy development has huge potential. Looking at the economies of the countries along the route, MINISO’s innovative products took the initiative to bring “quality, creative, low price” products to more countries.

It will not stop the international market for the fact that global consumers will be able to buy better products at lower prices than they do for MINISO. Brand will continue to put its own characteristics, advantages and “neighbourhood” all the way along the countries and regions, a combination of market resources, produce the products meet the demand of the local culture, and improve the living standards of the countries along the consumer, to improve their quality of life.

“Liberating the young people of shopping and bringing happiness to them” is the constant pursuit of MINISO’s creation. Lu “brand overseas, especially in the area along the developing markets, not only for local people bring huge amounts of” high quality, creative, low-cost “goods, greatly alleviate the pressure of the local people’s shopping, especially to blow a stream of fresh fashion is superior life. The exquisite design and reasonable price have also improved the quality of life of the local people and brought them a happy consumption experience with excellent quality and reasonable price.

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