Robert Lawrence Kuhn said the One Belt And One Road cost of the century story

On the eve of the One Belt And One Road international cooperation summit, our correspondent spoke with Robert Lawrence Kuhn, President of the U.S. Treasury. As one of the guests of the peak BBS, Dr Kuhn pay close attention to China’s initiative “area” construction, the construction of “area” and “area” of international cooperation peak BBS have high expectations. He thinks the One Belt And One Road initiative will be one of the great stories of the 21st century.

China found with the analysis of the quality of Kuhn said, “One Belt And One Road” is so popular in the world, because China has found its own development experience with the correspondency of the world needs. “One Belt And One Road” initiative, he says, many countries around the world received a warm welcome, there are mainly three reasons: one is the infrastructure is a lot of the urgent needs of the developing countries, infrastructure construction is the important focus “neighbourhood” all the way. The second is the slow growth of many countries in the world, and they want to stimulate economic growth through participation in “One Belt And One Road”. 3 it is for many developing countries, China is not only a model, also can bring expertise, experience and capital of the country, to participate in the “area” construction project is an ideal way to strengthen cooperation with China.

The One Belt And One Road initiative has been proposed for more than three years and has exceeded expectations and received positive international comments. Kuhn said: “xi of win-win cooperation, chairman of the concept of globalization, from the blueprint into a road map, from plan to put into practice, from the concept of paper into the project of the ground. Over the past three years, ‘area’ construction projects are springing up all the way, I personally witnessed the idea from the vision into reality.” Kuhn said, his achievements are more important to the ongoing “best practice” specialization, institutionalization, the project structure, project financing, government coordination, international management, monitoring system and other aspects are more optimized. Peak BBS is an example of international economic cooperation. Kuhn spoke highly of the contribution of “One Belt And One Road” to the international governance system.

The One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak is itself an example of international economic cooperation and global governance, Kuhn said. Government officials and business leaders in more than 100 countries gather to fully embody the aspirations of countries to cooperate and promote human well-being. From the broader background analysis, “One Belt And One Road” embodies the new thought of China actively participating in global governance, the pursuit of the based on inclusive growth of mutual benefit and win-win results. Inclusive growth is the foundation. “Area” initiative was originally intended to strengthen the relationship between Asia, Europe and Africa, has become to the rule of law, transparent and non-discriminatory, open and inclusive with the world trade organization (wto) is the core of multilateral trade framework. Kuhn, according to the analysis of “One Belt And One Road” initiative is also beneficial for China, China’s many important node in the “area” of the region is relatively underdeveloped area, “One Belt And One Road” construction helps to balance regional development, improve the level of China’s opening to the outside.

China will work with the constant development of multipolar world “great power diplomacy”, in addition to rely on their own strength, must also be put forward “neighbourhood” all the way so that the world needs, and have moral appeal initiative. “Exchange along the ancient silk road 2000 years shows that as long as you insist on mutual trust, equality, inclusiveness and win-win, learn from each other, different nationalities, different religious beliefs, political system and cultural background of different countries can live in peace and common development, and that is’ area ‘conveys the idea all the way.”

In addition, China makes diplomacy more mature by dealing with countries of different types and cultural backgrounds. Kuhn said that “One Belt And One Road” is a challenge to western initiative is wrong, “One Belt And One Road” is a reflection of China’s active participation in global affairs, and is open to all countries that have a common goal of “friends”. To be sure, the world needs a big plan like “One Belt And One Road”, which will be one of the great stories of the 21st century. However, Mr Kuhn also warned that the One Belt And One Road was a challenge, and that China had to respond quickly to unforeseen events. “Neighbourhood” all the way along some countries economic, financial, political instability, security risks, such as terrorism can be a potential risk, especially in some areas with political instability and terrorism, China must strengthen the cooperation of countries along the with, to develop safety emergency response mechanism. “One Belt And One Road” is also an opportunity for U.S. businesses, and “One Belt And One Road” is an opportunity for U.S. businesses, too. “Trump after the President took office, America’s foreign policy is more pragmatic, will create employment opportunities as a top priority. In addition, American business know ‘area’ commercial project operation, all the way to avoid engineering aspects and so on corruption is more and more confident. I think the United States companies to participate in all the way ‘ ‘area construction without obstacles.” Kuhn analysis, “One Belt And One Road” construction helps promote world multipolarization, promote the peaceful development, strengthen cultural exchanges and build human destiny community, long-term diplomatic concept is in line with China.

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