The south gate of China is to build an international port city

Chief of the communist party of the communist party of pingxiang Qiu Minghong 12 media interview said that as the frontier city of China’s open to asean cooperation, guangxi pingxiang city based on the unique geographical, seize “around” building a new opportunity, make full port economic and cultural tourism development two big article, we will accelerate the development of international port city for the association of south-east Asian nations (asean).

“Open the door is Vietnam, take two steps to enter asean.” With the name of “south gate of China”, it is a county-level city in chongzuo city, guangxi province. Pingxiang city three county border, a city with Vietnam border is 97 km long, is China to Vietnam and asean countries, the most convenient land channel is guangxi port number and types of the most complete and largest border city.

Is located in pingxiang city southwest the number, 322 national highway through the arch gate terminal, and Vietnam into the road, is the important road access to Vietnam and the first-class national port. Built Yu Hanchao number, since the ancient times is the China southern’s “silk road”, is also China’s only nine of the guanzhong keep important port customs clearance function, has been 2000 years of history of customs clearance.

Qiu minghong explained that the city enjoys multiple overlapping national policies. Was approved by the state council for the border since 1992 since the opening up to the city, has approved the construction of pingxiang border economic cooperation zones comprehensive free trade zone, pingxiang, guangxi pingxiang border financial comprehensive reform pilot area, guangxi pingxiang key development experimental zone, the border trade between China and asean nations samples in the test area and the pingxiang pingxiang countries – reach cross-border economic cooperation zone six state-level open platform.

In 2008 approved for establishment in guangxi pingxiang comprehensive free trade zone is the fifth comprehensive bonded zone in China, is also China’s first comprehensive bonded zone set up on the land border. In 2016, the total value of China’s foreign trade was 1233.76 billion yuan, the only industrial park in guangxi with more than 100 billion yuan in foreign trade. At present, foxconn, Seagate, apple, samsung, Nike, uniqlo and other international well-known enterprises and leading enterprises such as guangxi jie pass of supply chain management co., LTD. Cooperation set up distribution centers, high value-added products in the international distribution of traffic is growing rapidly.

Guangxi’s key development and opening test area is the 7th key development and opening test area in China. Chinese officials to its positioning is: the more efforts to build a comprehensive strategic cooperation an important platform, China – asean free trade area to upgrade version of the first area, important for the growth of economy of the southwest border areas, southwest of new regional economic center, good-neighborly bringing rich neighborhood of development and open of the demonstration zone and border points.

In February this year, the state council formally approved the expansion of the open port of the friendship road port and yao, according to qiu minghong. Relying on the port advantage, pingxiang currently has formed the radiation domestic and asean countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, the annatto furniture, hardware mechanical and electrical, textile and garment, agricultural and sideline products the market four big trade hub.

At present, the inter-operability pingxiang city level significantly increased, the number – friendship port international freight dedicated channel successful commissioning, PuZhai – new qing international freight dedicated channel to speed up the construction, card chicken border trade in goods regulation center enable trial operation, number, the basic end PuZhai traffic history.

In 2016, China’s trade in foreign trade continued to grow at a double-digit rate, with a total of 75.712 billion yuan in imports and exports, up 15.42 percent, and continued to be number one in guangxi. In addition, the import and export of asean countries, the import and export of asean, the import and export of small imports and exports, and other measures, are also the first in guangxi. It has become the largest import port of hongmu furniture in the country and the asean fruit import port.

Qiu Minghong, according to the current, pingxiang city to speed up the construction of “3 + 3” industrial system, promote foreign trade, mahogany, travel three characteristic industrial gear upgrades, concentrating on import and export processing, professional market, modern logistics three emerging industries. We vigorously promoted the construction of “port +” and accelerated the transformation and upgrading from the channel economy to the port economy. At the same time, we will speed up the construction of the hongmu city, the border trade city, the fruit city, the light textile city, the jewelry city, the “five cities”, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the professional market.

“The biggest feature of this is the ‘edge’, the biggest advantage is’ edge ‘.” Qiu minghong said that the city will use the “One Belt And One Road” to build new opportunities, first try, dare to do it, and strive to be a leader in the country’s open border.

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