Customs crackdown on upgrades, be careful on these three trade ways

To Mr Li’s prime minister in the government work report put forward: “to create a good environment for economic development,” the director of the general administration of customs with reporters, said Yu Guangzhou in key areas and key smuggled goods, the customs will take measures to crack down on, creating a favorable business environment.

Yu Guangzhou said that last year the national customs deployment has carried out against smuggling “five big battle”, focusing on agricultural products, tax related commodities, drugs, firearms, endangered species of wild fauna and flora, “foreign garbage” smuggling, focus on deepening the special combat, combined all localities and departments to promote comprehensive harness, to crack down on smuggling has achieved fruitful results. This year, the national customs will continue to strengthen positive oversight and intensify efforts to combat smuggling.

A crackdown on food, frozen agricultural products such as smuggling, adhere to the “heading to dig the root” and “back in addition to the chain,” will hit the targeting of professional groups, strengthen management, deep strike, back in addition to the chain, resolutely curb food, frozen goods smuggling momentum of high incidence of agricultural products,

To crack down on the smuggling of high-tech products such as integrated circuits and safeguard national information industry security;

A crackdown on refined petroleum products, tobacco, luxury key tax-related items such as smuggling, prevent all kinds of “run, run, drip, leak” tax evasion, smuggling safeguard national tax stipulated;

We will crack down on the smuggling of illegal substances, such as guns and drugs, and earnestly safeguard national security and social stability;

Strengthen falsely reporting, alleged influence on export tax rebates and false trade cases investigation, joint duty, the public security departments to crack down on export PianTuiShui illegal and criminal activities.

At the same time, the customs will further to put off to smuggle such outstanding problems as smuggling, insist on the source management, system management, comprehensive governance, governance according to law, give full play to the function of the basic role of local government and relevant departments, carry out joint strike and joint management, promote the establishment of “play, prevent, tube, accused of” anti smuggling three-dimensional prevention and control system, resolutely curb smuggling momentum in key areas, to safeguard national political, economic, cultural, social, ecological security and development.

To this end, shenzhen customs recently held a policy statement on cracking down on fake trade

The basic meeting is as follows

3 ways to fake trade:

Pay for the exit

B. use a box to go back and forth in order to apply the exchange rate

The actual price of the goods under the form of state subsidized interest.

The customs will rectify the above-mentioned three types of false trade practices in a specific form:

A. audit single ticket every name of the unit price and total price of the goods, if you declare the unit price, and total more than the normal price of the actual goods, the goods will be inspection, if it is found that high prices quoted are correct, first, the second business unit is A demerit, will be directly transferred to the revenue for the third time.

The goods of the key audit prices of the customs are mainly focused on the following commodities: daily necessities, clothing, shoes and hats, lamps and lanterns, hardware and Christmas products.

C. The focus of the export-oriented business units is chongqing, anhui, jiangxi, yunnan, gansu, quzhou, zhoushan.

D. The total amount of customs clearance is more than $100,000, and it will be in the manual auditing process, which is not in the process of rapid computer audit.

E. for a list of ticket price is too high, if the declaration is true, the customs will require business units to provide the goods corresponding to the value-added tax invoice or bank payment proof.

3, to blow a false trade, agency for unification, but the amount of the customs for high price is not the same, $100000 single ticket price ningbo customs audit requirements, shenzhen customs audit requirements of $50000.

4, has been released for early to have the condition of the goods, customs statistics department will conduct two verification, if the verification results have high price, also should make corresponding processing!

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