Henan One Belt And One Road peak BBS mentioned is hub \”area\” logistics channels

On May 13, “One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak BBS” news center held a press conference, the state council development research center, ministry of foreign economic research department minister Zhao Jinping had an interview with our reporter said that the logistics system of “five” play an important role in promoting, henan is undoubtedly “area” on the hub of logistics channels. Zhao Jinping, for example, chongqing, zhengzhou, yiwu and other central European trains from 27 cities in China, the more km, Chinese products to Europe only 15 days, form the cohesion between China and international railway logistics channel of countries in Asia and Europe. In 2016, the Asian development bank central trains 1702 columns, up 109% from a year earlier, the return trains 572 columns, up 116% from a year

earlier, presents the vigorous development trend, this fully shows that “neighbourhood” all the way along the countries and regions have huge logistics market demand. Zhao Jinping analysis said that from the perspective of the data of nearly 20 years, “One Belt And One Road” cross-border trade and investment activities in the relevant countries increasingly highlight the role of promoting economic growth, more than forty percent of the global economy increment from the silk road region. This means that whoever builds the logistics and trading system of convenience has a say in how to allocate economic resources efficiently. The ancient name of “zhongyuan” is located in the center of China, located in the intersection of the silk road economic belt and the 21st century maritime silk road. Zhao Jinping that henan province is the biggest advantage of logistics advantages, to build air, land, sea and interlinked multimodal transport system,

distributing along the “area” on the stream of people, logistics, cash flow and information flow, enhance the level of economic and trade cooperation and realize “get the central plains, the world”. Zhao Jinping analysis said that henan alignment with the quality of “hub”, speed up the construction of the modern through the north and the south, connecting to the three-dimensional traffic system and the modern logistics system, build in the service of “area” of the construction of the modern integrated transport hub, from the hinterland to the open front, vigorously develops the hub of the economy. Along the way of thinking, henan should continue to play this ace logistics system construction, accelerate the construction of China (henan) free trade area, through logistics and trade linkage development, deep into the country “in” construction. A general rule is connected by five general and five. The core goal of the One Belt And One Road initiative is to promote economic development, regional stability and prosperity in all countries, zhao said. Next, henan logistics system construction to enhance the level of economic and trade cooperation, expand capacity and investment cooperation, expand financial cooperation space, deepening social exchanges and cooperation and other fields, and then implement policy unicom communication, facilities, trade flow, financing, hearts are interlinked

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