The construction of the asean international logistics corridor will accelerate the opening of the midline freight train this year in chongqing

Groups: recently, the reporter from learning city east asean international logistics channels opened in the last year and double freight train eastern extension, on the basis of our city, this year will open the asean international logistics channel center line of freight trains, namely south chongqing peng – yunnan boten vientiane Laos – Bangkok, Thailand. In 2018, our city will open a western rail freight train, nanpeng chongqing, yangon, myanmar.

The asean international logistics corridor is an international freight corridor connecting the south to the maritime silk road. Shipped in 2015, the municipal group chongqing highway transportation (group) co., LTD. And this road logistics base construction co., LTD., co., LTD., founded in chongqing public transport asean international logistics co., LTD., co., LTD., aims to build road freight channel between chongqing and asean countries, formed the association of southeast Asian nations (asean) commodity distribution center in chongqing.

On April 28, 2016, zhuhai opened the east line freight train for the asean international logistics corridor. The route is 1400km long and runs about 45 hours, about half a month short of shipping.

On June 13, 2016, zhuhai successfully tested the east reeducation line: peng-guangxi, guangxi, ho chi minh city. The whole line adopts combined transport sea and on land, namely chongqing inland guangxi fangcheng port, change the hna to ho chi minh city, Vietnam, the total length of 2650 kilometers, the running time is about 6 days.

, chongqing association of southeast Asian nations (asean) open highway bus and southeast Asian fruit, grain and oil, wood and other products, can be more convenient, quickly arrived in chongqing, the chongqing radiation in central and western region’s transport network. At the same time, chongqing’s machinery, construction materials, cars and other products can also be shipped to southeast Asian countries, improving China’s opening up to the outside world. This year, the “asean road bus” in chongqing will be expanded from one week to two.

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