The free trade area of qingbaijiang river,Ozzie kiwi will be sold overseas…

Recently, “chengdu build 2017” main body activity launch ceremony and ccpit in Beijing, production and marketing of QingBaiJiang zi kiwi “popular” city, three days of activity, the zi xian as agriculture is responsible for the people is strong carries kiwi fruit sold out at the scene, has attracted over 300 Chinese and foreign enterprise consultation, more intention to deal with more than 40 Chinese and foreign enterprises.

At the right time, people and kiwi are in the fertile period

Turn your eyes back to the qingquan town Ozzie kiwi base in qingquan town. A neat frame of steel and concrete columns are dotted with the entire base, and all the kiwi seedlings have been pulled to the steel frame; The roads and crisscrossed the road of the park. The yellow plate “color seduction”, anti-air lamp “lamp inducer” and so on the fruit green anti-insect facility is ready… At this point, Mr. Ding was working with the workers to pollinate some of the precocious breeds.

The agricultural supply-side structural reform is the “day of the day”; At 30 degrees north latitude, it is recognized as the best growing area of the kiwi fruit, and the choice to open the kiwi kingdom in qingquan is the “right place”. With unique choose to grow mature, high yield, high quality, disease resistance, high-end New Zealand abiu, Kim yeon kiwi kiwi fruit, welcome by the market, it may be said “and”. “Last year we harvested 25 million jin. This year we will produce at least three times, and next year we will produce more than one million jin.” Ding xianqiang admits that the kiwi fruit has entered a fertile period.

The government of One Belt And One Road has a constitutional right to international market

“Last year, the Ozzie kiwi was selling to the UK, and the market was very good.” The result has given Mr Ding the pleasure of seeing a broader market. “Domestic produce is very rich and, to a certain extent, prices can’t get up.” The same kiwi fruit is 5 yuan per kilo in China, but the foreign market can reach 25 yuan a kilo, said ding.

“The kiwis, which were exported to the UK last year, used other companies’ export filings.” On April 1 this year, the China (sichuan) pilot free trade zone was listed, and the determination to develop the foreign export trade was firmly established. This year, he submitted an application for export filing to the sichuan entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau. “With its own export for the record, for kiwi is equivalent to do the passport, is beneficial to build its own brand, called out their names in the international market.” The main exporter of kiwi will be Canada this year.

“One Belt And One Road Ding Xianjiang said,” construction as the agricultural “go out” offers a new opportunity, he wants to ride outside, into the international market, participate in international competition.

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