The Chinese and European drivers’ desire to be thrifty is to bring their home country to the country

On September 8, 2016 first trip to central qinghai-tibet plateau slowly trains from xining in qinghai province double walled railway logistics center, filled with 44 plateau characteristics of container products, to Europe’s second largest container port in Antwerp, Belgium. The train driver was so thrifty that he waved to everyone through the window, and the excitement and excitement were written on his smiling face.

It is a train driver for the qinghai-tibet railway company and has undertaken many important transport tasks. As the “first” train driver in the central European class, he was responsible for driving the line from xining to lanzhou. While the “old driver” is only two hours away, the “special” task still excites the old one.

Received notification “two days before departure, the first feeling is happy, also feel responsibility is very important. All the way to participate in the ‘neighbourhood’ construction, specialty products will let’s qinghai run directly to Europe, as a people in qinghai was proud.” Half a year later, it was still exciting to remember the scene.

He is a “old driver” with 16 years of working age and driving experience. “Period of wide waste daily work, and strong sense of responsibility, work at ordinary times participated in railway technology exhibition, from the head office has been our drivers, therefore selected him as the first trip to central Europe in qinghai trains the train driver.” “Said zheng zhenyong, the captain of the east electric vehicle fleet of the qinghai-tibet railway company.

Running on the same day, period of wide waste up early to prepare, to carefully check of locomotive, a detailed understanding of the day’s weather, on the possible problems in the operation of the early prevention, is now a dozen spirit, dare not have the slightest careless, lift the china-eu trains start smoothly.

At the time of the 15th, China and Europe arrived at lanzhou station, and the bridge and staff were transferred to the bridge. After the handover, he looked back at the red train.

Body on this from “the world’s third class train” way to gansu, xinjiang, passing along kazakhstan, Russia, belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium, the six countries, the 9838 km. With each train driver’s “relay”, 12 days later, local specialty products such as Tibetan carpets and goji berries finally managed to “hold hands” with Europe.

Period of wide way: “to be honest, just open for two hours, do not give it a little hope have a chance to drive trains in central Europe. Next time, I want to personally take a specialty of home abroad, let the world to see we qinghai good things!”

The train whistle “rush” the world, the plateau special produce deliver the door, “One Belt And One Road” strong wind blow, qinghai smile to welcome the visitors in all directions!

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