One Belt And One Road is powerful! Vietnam’s first anti-independence communique opened fire on the authorities.

Vietnam’s President, Chen daguang, paid a state visit to China on May 11 and attended the One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak BBS. Xinhua 15 “in the joint communique, bulletin content made clear that” Vietnam reiterated that upholds the one China policy, support the peaceful development of cross-strait relations with China’s grand cause of reunification, firmly opposed to any form of “Taiwan independence” separatist activities. Vietnam different Taiwan any official relations.”

To this, Taiwan’s “China times” reported that Vietnam is a major investor in Taiwan area in southeast Asia, more “new south” tsai ing-wen, authorities main goal, “in the joint communique is banned the” new south “starting with Taiwan’s international space.

The report said that the “new south” effect of the “One Belt And One Road” was emerging, and the “new south direction” could gradually become “new and difficult”! This is a sign that the mainland will use the growing power of political and economic power to stifle the “new south”, in addition to the suspension of official channels of communication between the two sides of the Taiwan strait and the compression of Taiwan’s diplomatic space. “Vietnam may be the first domino to fall in asean countries.”

The DPP authorities have again “miscalculate” the situation

The report said that the short lines of the joint communique were a blow to the “new south China policy” promoted by ms tsai. Once the reason is that Taiwan is Vietnam’s biggest sources of foreign capital, both sides of the past “close” the essence and the greens traditionally Taiwan and Vietnam on the strategic, economic complementarity, and even military cooperation exists great cooperation space, but Vietnam and mainland China is the south China sea islands sovereignty dispute, the delimitation of the beibu gulf caused even historical memory can’t reconcile the major contradiction.

According to the report, a joint statement from the Chinese mainland and Vietnam showed that the DPP authorities had a profound impact on the overall situation. This can be discussed at several levels:

First, Vietnam first understood in its statement the inclusion of “support for China’s reunification cause and the separatist activities of Taiwan independence”. Such statements have created a “precedent”. Other asean or south Asian countries cannot be excluded. The DPP authorities’ space in the “new south” country has been limited by a Chinese policy.

Second, Vietnam has pledged not to develop any official relations with Taiwan. This is to show the Chinese mainland that, despite their differences and contradictions, they will never play the “Taiwan card” in the future when relations with China are strained. This is equivalent to tightening the existing fuzzy space. The “five flagship plans”, pushed by ms tsai, were a bonfire. Since neither industry talent exchange, health care and industrial chain development cooperation, cooperation and innovation industry of regional agriculture development, the new south to BBS and youth exchange platform planning must have certain official contact with the local government. Now, the Vietnamese government has made clear to the Chinese mainland that the “new south China policy” faces a dilemma.

Third, Philippine President du, the Malaysian prime minister najib and Indonesian President with coldwell are personally involved in mainland China the dominant peak BBS “area”, for the maritime silk road in spirits of the new century, in mainland China under the huge political and economic incentives to attract, they don’t say in how the trade-off between mainland and Taiwan can yu.

The “new south” is a hope that the DPP government will develop its economy, wean itself off its dependence on the mainland market and nurture the real influence of Taiwan. But the hope was dashed by a failure to reach a political consensus on both sides of the strait. For most of the asean countries, the huge Chinese market, the huge tourist income, the funds required to develop their infrastructure and technology require Beijing’s assistance. After all, the economic and security interests of the fast-growing Chinese development relationship will be far greater than the economic benefits of developing relations with Taiwan.

“Vietnam fired the first shot, not the last shot.”

Reports also cite sources said, although CAI authorities have stressed that the “new south” just economic and trade cooperation, but the democratic progressive party (DPP) to get rid of the mainland, smuggling and political relations with southeast Asian countries, China must be held in advance, “opened the first shot of southeast Asia, Vietnam will not be the last one gun.”

According to the report, said shi yinhong, a professor in the school of renmin university of China in international relations, still exist in the south China sea dispute between Vietnam and China mainland, the mainland worry may form a partnership between Vietnam and Taiwan, so by signed the joint communique, don’t remind Vietnam on the Taiwan issue, any damage in the relationship.

Shi yinhong think, now the situation of the south China sea is relatively moderate, mainland and development “in” all the way, you can gradually and Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia and other countries to discuss economic and trade cooperation, and Vietnam signed a joint communique, would mean from the aspects of economy, international space, the space of tsai ing-wen, authorities sealed.

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