The One Belt And One Road international summit, One Belt And One Road, is a new engine for global economic growth


The One Belt And One Road initiative launched three years ago has made significant progress. Through the land and sea silk road connects about 60 Asian and European countries economic cooperation plan, has become an important component of China’s new foreign policy. “One Belt And One Road” has become a new engine driving the global economic transformation and recovery from the recession. China is playing a leading role in providing new impetus for global development.

“Area” become China’s innovation of global governance, “One Belt And One Road” will be the road to peace, prosperity and open road, the road of innovation, the road of civilization. China and the rest of the world work together to actively solve a series of major problems facing the world today.

“Area” is uncertainty in the global economic development under the background of increasing, China to promote global economic growth and a mutually beneficial and win-win initiative, to develop international connectivity, improve the level of trade and investment cooperation, promote the international cooperation capacity and equipment manufacturing, by improving the effective supply creates new demand actively, achieve the rebalancing of the world economy, will help China achieve a new round of economic growth, reshaping the world new political and economic order.

For three years, at the bilateral level, China, Malaysia and so on more than 30 along with kazakhstan and other countries signed the cooperation capacity related documents, the capacity of cooperation into institutionalized track; Published at the multilateral level, the Chinese side to promote china-asean cooperation capacity joint statement, the rings mae national capacity cooperation joint statement and other documents, and the relevant countries to focus on areas of cooperation in the field of planning capacity and major projects.

Since the One Belt And One Road initiative, China has actively promoted railway cooperation with countries along the belt and road, which are also the needs of countries along the belt and road.

Between 2013 and 2016, Chinese companies invested more than $60 billion directly in countries along the routes. By the end of 2016, China’s enterprises set up in the cooperation of countries along the zone 56 begun to take shape, the area more than 1000 enterprises, output value of more than $50 billion, more than $1.1 billion of taxes and fees to the host country for more than 180000 local jobs.

China to launch production cooperation fund financial platform, such as promoting all kinds of financial institutions to support capacity cooperation project, various ways to promote capacity of cooperation and the internationalisation of the renminbi to promote each other.

By the end of 2016, China along with 53 countries signed a bilateral investment treaties, along with 54 countries signed the dual taxation avoid agreement, promote orderly flow of capital, technology, personnel and optimize configuration, reduce the enterprise institutional trading costs, along with the country jointly cope with the challenge of all kinds of risks.

The One Belt And One Road initiative has greatly boosted trade and investment. In 2015, the trade between China and the countries along the land and sea routes was closer to $1 trillion, accounting for about a quarter of China’s total trade. China’s exports to countries along the One Belt And One Road have overtaken China’s exports to the United States and the European Union, and the gap is widening.

“One Belt And One Road” directly drives the internationalization of the RMB. China has 21 “neighbourhood” all the way along with countries and regions have signed bilateral currency swap agreement, grant the quota to seven institutional investors, and set up the RMB clearing bank in eight countries, etc. RMB trade settlement accounted for 25% of China’s total foreign trade in 2015.

China actively promote diversified financing mechanism, and actively encourage the commercial Banks, the semi-official regional cooperation fund and private capital to participate in all the way “area” project, make the project more commercial.

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