The BBS news center, which is built by the beijing-guangzhou media group, runs smoothly

One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak BBS opened at the national convention center in Beijing on May 14. Controlled by enlightenment, beijing-guangzhou media group contract to build the “area” of international cooperation of peak BBS news center running smoothly, to more than 4000 Chinese and foreign journalists in news reports provide quality guarantee service, won the praise of Chinese and foreign media widespread.

As an important part of the peak BBS, the press center is tasked with providing media coverage to Chinese and foreign journalists, providing services and delivering messages to the world. Including press conference venues and organizing conferences, for Chinese and foreign journalists to provide office space, equipment, audio and video transmission, simultaneous interpretation, guide, news materials, catering and other comprehensive news and support services.

In news center provide comprehensive news and guarantee service for Chinese and foreign journalists the summit of the press center is located in the national conference center exhibition area of E1 and E2 hall hall, usable floor area of 11000 square meters, equipped with media public workspace, media are special workspace, press area, dining area, exhibition area, office area, media environment functional areas, such as from more than 100 countries can meet the more than 4000 Chinese and foreign journalists to cover demand. The public working area can hold more than 500 journalists, the working area computer, the printer, the network, the audio interface equipment should all complete. The news center has 20 dedicated workshops for central television, xinhua, People’s Daily and phoenix media. There are six press briefing rooms, which can provide 16 language translation services. Professional services such as official picture service, satellite transmitting service and public signal service. The news center also has a dedicated service room and a medical room. German TV two journalist shen luge said that the news center is fully equipped, fully functional and well-laid out to meet the needs of the media and reach international level. Evaluation of the center of the People’s Daily news is – “news agency reporters at home”, from the landscape layout to the food and beverage are considering the needs of different national press and feelings.

The APEC meeting in 2014, beijing-guangzhou media undertake APEC national conference center, lake yanxi two news center design, building, landscape layout and operations, under the ministry of foreign affairs and the high praise of Beijing. All the way around the “summit” news center construction operation time and heavy task, the difficulty is big, high quality, environmental protection, safety requirements, beijing-guangzhou media APEC project organized by the original backbone for the core of the team, the careful design, innovation, adopted a number of new techniques, new materials, new technology, through close coordination, indomitable, advance the press center to deliver high quality putting-in-service proactively, widely recognized by Chinese and foreign media.

News center fulfilled from more than 100 countries cover demand of more than 4000 Chinese and foreign journalists the job success, thanks to tsinghua industry, enlightenment holding strong synergistic effect. Inspiring the digital group and inspiring the country’s faith in the project’s preparations have given strong support. As main body building engineering partner, Beijing is building decoration engineering company work closely with beijing-guangzhou media group, has made a positive contribution to press center completed ahead of schedule. Enlightenment design group also provides important advisory guidance for the project. Founded in June 2013 the jingguang media group, had 2013 apec informal official meeting, “cycle” in Beijing, the 2015 world expo in milan, Italy 51st annual cannes, France television Beijing day, the third Beijing international friendly business association convention, the 4th Beijing SEC beijing-tianjin Shanghai chongqing service trade exhibition and fair can wen gen industry exhibition, the 19th 20th discussion session of Beijing Hong Kong economic cooperation symposium and the fourth Beijing huimin cultural consumption season, and other major domestic projects, has obtained the proud achievement in the field of business conference and exhibition activities.

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