China central Europe’s banlieong railway (chengdu – rhodes) is a participant in the operation: he sent the first line of iron

Yao kaiwei, a participant in the china-europe high-speed rail (chengdu – rhodes) movement, told us today about his story with the company.

I am a restless person, hero complex since I was a child, after graduating from college, I always can not find a suitable job, an accidental opportunity, I walked into a logistics company. Unexpectedly, this decision made me realize my dream. After the country put forward to build “area” initiative, I was involved in the QingBaiJiang at home most to have the sense of a great event – our fast trains rong’s iron (chengdu – rhodes) work.

On the map of the world, the silk road once crossed the mainland and the sea, writing a new chapter in the history of human civilization, the development of prosperity and the communion of civilization. Three years ago, xi jinping and the chairman of the silk road economic belt and the 21st century maritime silk road initiative, like the wings, the land and sea power development in China, drive along the national common prosperity. In the past few years, I have achieved fruitful results. And I am the witness and the participant.

In 2012, I worked with shipping and airline companies every day. One day, I received a difficult task of researching the opening of the chengdu to Europe container international freight train. My knowledge of the railway is still in the green train stage. Our train has entered the international transport.

As soon as I received the project, I knew it was a difficult task, but I could only do it.

I began to look up a lot of information, draw up plans, and negotiate with foreign partners. At that time, I was talking to a bunch of foreigners every morning, and I was talking about midnight until the next morning. From the collaborative approach to the operational solution, from the line to the marketing strategy, it’s not a big deal. To be honest, I was confused and skeptical. “suddenly, how is this green train going to go abroad?”

In 2013, chengdu to seize the opportunity of a new round of industry shift, speed up the construction of aviation, railways and other key international logistics network, the preparation of operating direct cargo international railway freight trains in Europe – rong the iron.

That year, I got married, but it was too late for my honeymoon to be transferred to the company. In chengdu QingBaiJiang 16 floor between the modern logistics building more than 10 square meters of office, there are a few printer and computer, office in the middle stood a big square table, the rest of the, is all kinds of information sheet, covered the whole room, almost no waste.

In the early days of the team, we didn’t have enough hands, and everyone was in multiple jobs. To contact goods, coordinate customers, communicate with railway departments, coordinate partners… And I am also a job in the field: pick up the goods, make the orders, declare the customs, packing… The finely and the rigorous work, do what they feel is not over, thinking process, every detail to revolve, every time the node to ensure the perfect docking, plus communication, lack of experience, everything all want to learn from scratch. When we were busy, we didn’t have time to go downstairs to eat. We had to wait for other colleagues to get food from the city. I didn’t know how many all-nighters were.

By the end of April 2013, our team had been through three all-night sessions, and the first bus had finally started, “boom, boom, boom…” We stopped and watched the train disappearing into the distance. That day, on April 26, after 14 days of anxiety, the train successfully arrived in Poland and the customer carried the goods away smoothly.

Learned this news I breath a sigh of relief, emotion, it is not only a milestone in my life, is also a milestone in the history of chengdu, as open to the west and one of the important channel to build “area”, rong’s quick iron a connecting economy in western China’s largest provincial capital chengdu, sichuan province, one end of the docking emerging Europe’s transport hub lodz, Poland. It is changing the trajectory of chengdu’s industrial development, which has boosted the confidence of the world’s top 500 companies. Later, my life will turn around this train: from Monday to Wednesday, receiving, gathered all the goods into the customs on Thursday, Friday, customs clearance, transit, set out on Saturday.

The hardest part of a week is Thursday, and I have to make a railway bill all night. In total, there are 41 containers in a series of trains, which can go through five countries and can’t make any mistake in the shipping list, otherwise they may face problems such as withholding goods. It takes about 20 minutes to make a shipping order, and 41 sheets will take more than 800 minutes. One of the most let me collapse, it is 1 am just got back from Europe waybill information, on the same day at 9 o ‘clock in the morning will be turned over to the invoice, time is tight, it happened that the printer is out of question that day. At 7 am, I rushed to the qingbaijiang town, knocking at the door, and when I knocked on the eighth printing shop, I finally woke the shopkeeper from his sleep and printed the shipping order. For years, every time I recollect that morning, I could get a cold sweat. If the order went wrong that day, the entire train service could face a standstill.

Rong’s quick opening iron, put the 31 2013, 2014 were 45 classes, 2015 were 103 classes, 2016 operation between trains 2016 columns, operation trains number in the country’s first, about a third of the total number of national central trains operation trains.

On September 5, 2015, rong’s quick iron full of 41 40 feet container FMCG, beer, beverage and other Europe QingBaiJiang arrived in chengdu, completed the first return of trains “debut”, implements the extension of trains at the ends of the domestic and international operation. In the first quarter of 2017, the number of CDB trains was 158 shifts, and the number of CDB increased 3.5 times. The value of shipment and import and export goods was 4.23 billion yuan, up 17.1 times from the previous year.

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