At the end of the BBS peak, xi jinping announced five common agreements

One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak BBS 15 in Beijing yanqi lake international conference center holds a round table summit. Leaders from 30 countries and the United Nations, the world bank and international monetary fund chief roundtable summit, around the “strengthening international cooperation, to build ‘One Belt And One Road, achieve win-win development”, the theme of the butt joint development strategy, promoting connectivity, exchange of views on issues like promoting people-to-people and cultural exchanges, reached broad consensus, and through the joint communique.

Xi jinping chaired the meeting

Chinese President xi jinping chaired the meeting. Zhang gaoli attended.

In the soft water of huashan, the yanqi lake in the early summer is full of green flowers, and the flowers are in full bloom. In the ancient silk road, the Chinese han and tang architectural features were inspired by the international conference center of yanqi lake, which is like a swan goose that spread its wings.

At 9:40 a.m., the leaders of the meeting and the heads of international organizations arrived. Xi jinping greeted them in the hall, shaking hands with them.

At 10 a.m., xi jinping knocked down the gavel and proclaimed the opening of the round table.

Second, talk about the One Belt And One Road initiative

In his opening remarks, xi said,

Dependence each other countries in the world, the global challenges of today, all countries to docking policy each other, and in the broader global integration of economic factors and development resources, to form the resultant force, promote world peace and common development.

I put forward the “area” initiative in 2013, the core content of it is to promote the construction of infrastructure and connectivity, docking national policy and development strategy, deepen pragmatic cooperation and promote the linkage development coordination, achieve common prosperity.

“One Belt And One Road” is rooted in history, but is oriented towards the future. It comes from China, but it belongs to the world.

In construction of cooperation within the framework of “area”, the parties work together to meet the challenge for the world economy, creating opportunities for development, the development momentum, expand the development of new space, realize the complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win situation, constantly towards human destiny community direction.

After the initiative was proposed, the international community was actively responsive and widely supported.

China hosted the peak BBS, the purpose is to discuss cooperation, to build cooperative platform, share cooperation, let along the “area” build better benefit of the people all over the world.

We hope that through the roundtable summit, we will further build consensus and chart the course for the international cooperation on the development of the One Belt And One Road.

Xi jinping stressed,

We want to promote mutually beneficial and win-win, clear direction of cooperation, in line with the spirit of partnership, firmly adhere to discuss, and sharing, make policy unicom communication, facilities, trade flow, financing, and mutually become the target of joint efforts, insist on cooperation in the open, in cooperation of the communist party of China win, dialogue to resolve their differences and settle the dispute through negotiations, jointly safeguard regional security and stability.

We should coordinate closely with the development strategy. All the way to “area” cooperation with the implementation of the UN sustainable development agenda in 2030, hangzhou summit of g20 leaders results combined with docking with regional development planning, coordinate with relevant countries put forward development planning, “one plus one is greater than 2” effect.

We have to rely on project drive, unicom, entity economic cooperation in infrastructure, trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and financial cooperation, and deepen pragmatic cooperation in such aspects.

Third, talk about “One Belt And One Road” construction

Then there will be the first session, the working lunch, and the second session. Leaders respectively around the “strengthening policy and development strategy, deepen the partnership”, “to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation”, “promoting connectivity pragmatic cooperation and realize linkage development” issue in-depth exchange of views and reached important consensus.

All parties have unanimously stressed the importance of the “One Belt And One Road” construction and are looking forward to pushing cooperation to a higher level, wider and deeper. We agreed to strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination and create a sound international environment. It is hoped that the development strategy will be brought to the ground, and efforts will be made to develop the integration of national plans, development integration and Shared interests.

Parties decided unanimously, support the connectivity as “area” key areas of cooperation in the field of construction, improve the infrastructure, interconnection network, efforts to strengthen policy, regulation and standard of “soft unicom”, give full play to the connectivity to the real economy of the radiation and leading role, build a stable pattern of diversity in financial unicom and cooperation.

All parties agreed that the “One Belt And One Road” should adhere to economic cooperation and people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and uphold the guiding of the people’s livelihood and the sustainable development of the service.

Leaders attending the meeting and spoke highly of the Chinese side, head of the international organization “area” initiative and host this peak BBS, look forward to promoting the construction of “area” hand in hand, realize common prosperity.

Four, reach five important consensus

The closing session at 5 PM, the meeting into, all passed the “area” of international cooperation in peak BBS roundtable summit communique, and delivered to peak BBS “area” of international cooperation.

Xi jinping’s closing remarks concluded the five important consensus reached at the meeting.

We are committed to promoting the development of “One Belt And One Road” and working together to meet the challenges facing the world economy. All spoke highly of the “area” construction progress of cooperation, said it would continue to work hard, make communication more powerful national policy, infrastructure unicom more efficient, more open to trade, capital financing, more and more common.

Second, we should support the strengthening of economic policy coordination and development strategy, and strive for coordinated and coordinated development. The parties agreed to strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination in the areas of economy, finance, trade and investment. We will support the establishment of an open world economy, promote the construction of free trade zones, and promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation. To effectively align development strategies and cooperation plans, complement each other and move forward together; We will attach importance to innovative development, foster new industries, new businesses and new models, and explore new drivers for growth.

Third, to push forward practical cooperation in various fields to achieve new results. The parties decided to continue to focus on connectivity and build infrastructure connectivity networks. We will continue to actively promote the development of the economic corridor and promote better and faster development of the real economy. We will pay more attention to investment and financing cooperation, and support the opening up of mutual financial markets, and strive to build a stable, sustainable and risk-controlled financial security system.

We will build Bridges for people-to-people exchanges. All parties are willing to explore the humanities cooperation in a wide range of areas and in broad areas, and create cultural and people-to-people exchanges with diverse interactions and flowers. We will strengthen environmental protection, combat climate change and fight corruption, and facilitate personnel exchanges.

We believe that One Belt And One Road is an open and inclusive development platform. All countries are equal participants, contributors and beneficiaries.

Xi jinping pointed out that all parties will adhere to the principle of consultation, joint development and sharing of common interests, mutual respect, democratic consultation and joint decision-making.

History is always accompanied by the pursuit of a better life. Looking back more than two thousand years ago, our fathers with such steps, with perseverance and enterprising spirit, open up gives unicom Eurasian silk road.

Today, the “One Belt And One Road” construction links the peoples of the countries along the belt and road, so that the people of all countries can better share the fruits of development. We must have the courage to bear, forge ahead, with the real action, promote the construction of “region” cooperation continuously made new progress, provided strong impetus for building human destiny community.

5, 2019

Xi jinping announced that China will host the second “One Belt And One Road” international cooperation summit in 2019.

Meeting Chinese and foreign journalists

Following the conclusion of the round table, xi jinping met with Chinese and foreign journalists to introduce the BBS meeting and the main achievements of BBS.

Xi pointed out that this is a high-level event organized by the international community to build a “One Belt And One Road”. The meeting delivered a positive signal from all sides to push forward the “One Belt And One Road” cooperation and work together to build a community of Shared future for mankind.

We hope to combine our development with the world, and define the goal and direction of the “One Belt And One Road” cooperation.

We will carry on the silk road spirit and work for win-win cooperation.

We will continue to strengthen policy coordination and development strategies to form synergy for development.

We have charted a roadmap for cooperation and identified key areas of cooperation and the path of action.

We have made a series of positive achievements in promoting practical cooperation through the peak BBS platform.

Xi stressed that promoting the development of “One Belt And One Road” and jointly addressing the challenges facing the world economy is in our common interest. We have reason to be confident about the prospect of “One Belt And One Road”

At the same time, the construction of One Belt And One Road is a long-term project, and the road ahead is still long and requires all parties to work together to achieve tangible results. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all parties, One Belt And One Road will be able to build a path of peace, a path of prosperity, an open road, a path of innovation and a path of civilization.

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