Amazon is going into VR, too. Who’s the big one?

Samsung’s Gear, VR, HTC’s Vive, SONY’s PlayStation VR, Facebook’s Oculus…… In this slowly crowded VR field, a new giant, amazon.

On the recruitment website Glassdoor, we found that Amazon released new recruitment revelations yesterday, called senior software development manager, virtual reality, Amazon video”.
Amazon video is looking for a talented senior software development engineer to lead our virtual reality team. The team will be responsible for building a virtual reality experience in the Amazon video division.
The entertainment industry is undergoing rapid change. In the future, people will not be limited to the passive 2D experience. The virtual reality team will explore and create platforms and interfaces for immersive narratives, including a platform for capturing and playing VR.

In fact, before the recruitment of jobs, Amazon has shown signs of going into the VR. Last fall, the media exposed a patent document, the device is similar to a pair of glasses, may be VR wearing equipment.
Amazon is going to VR, too
As VR develops rapidly as a new computing platform, there is a lot of discussion about its negative impact. In last month’s MWC (Mobile World Congress), Mark Zuckerberg because of a photo and a group with Gear VR’s audience was friends of various Tucao, some people think that this feeling is like the British drama “black mirror” describes a terrible future world.
However, “the virtual reality and personal computers, the Internet, and the mobile phone are of the same level,” says love editor Ben dylan. As “water, coal and electricity” in the scientific and technological world, they have the potential to change the mode of human beings’ information dissemination, work and entertainment. We are now in the discussion of “Internet plus”, perhaps soon, “VR+” will be replaced by.” The addition of giant Amazon will make VR go faster on the way to change humanity.

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