“Area” peak BBS fruitful pragmatic “dividend” will be into the ordinary people

The global peak of the One Belt And One Road international cooperation summit, BBS, is not just an international event, it is closely related to the people’s food and clothing. Some netizens asked, “One Belt And One Road” international cooperation peak BBS, how big is your daily life? CCTV’s “I want to ask us” column answers questions from netizens. The net friend AMy asked: May 14 solstice 15, peak BBS “One Belt And One Road” international cooperation, from more than 100 countries gathered in Beijing more than 1500 guests from all walks of life, to discuss all the way “area” of international cooperation. How big is the relationship between BBS and my daily life?

Small make up a: was, “area” of international cooperation in peak BBS, is not only an international event, is closely related to the daily life of common people is also.

“We have achieved a series of positive results by advancing practical cooperation with a peak of BBS.” 15 in the afternoon, the Chinese President xi jinping lake yanxi in Beijing international conference center, met with Chinese and foreign journalists, important speech, made for 14 minutes to introduce to the world situation and the main achievements peak BBS meeting.

16, in the morning peak BBS results list released by the xinhua news agency in full, summarizes the peak BBS during and on the eve of the governments, local, enterprise and so on a series of typical cooperation agreement, important measures and practical results, covering policy unicom communication, facilities, trade flow, financing, and same content of five categories, a total of 76 categories, more than 270 concrete results.

Small make up through the results of listing on found that peak BBS released the “bonus”, a lot of domestic life also brought tangible benefits and convenience, will be flying off in the near future.

The more open and stable China and Europe will be, the more convenient and abundant the goods will be

“Area” opened a new chapter of the development of China and European, china-eu trains also write numerous co-prosperity share the wonderful story: when the made in China to the world, people also drink the milk powder, from Poland on Munich production car…

According to media reports, by importing meat products in Europe, central Europe trains transport time than by sea to save about 45 days, shipping costs by sea rather than air to save about 10000 yuan per ton, it greatly reduces the enterprise logistics cost. For the average citizen, it is possible to buy the same quality of imported goods at a lower price, while having a richer choice of shopping.

Peak BBS on the eve of China, belarus, Germany, kazakhstan, Mongolia, seven countries, including Poland, Russia, the railway department formally signed “about deepening china-eu trains cooperation agreement, this is the first time a Chinese railway and railway departments of countries along the” area “signed a cooperation agreement about the trains operation in central Europe. It can be hoped that through practical cooperation, the CDB will make logistics more convenient and import goods cheaper.

In addition, China will host an international import fair in China since 2018. We have set up an international platform for foreign products to enter China and countries around the world to promote global trade growth. Both producers and consumers, in the commodity value chain of each participant, could’ve realized “neighbourhood” all the way to bring convenience and benefits.

There will be more opportunities for new development opportunities in many industries

Where is the job opportunity? Over the past three years, 47 central enterprises have participated in, participated in, invested in, or cooperated with enterprises in the countries and regions along the One Belt And One Road to build 1,676 projects. And behind the implementation of these projects lies a huge demand for talent.

Through the list of outcomes, we can see that the “One Belt And One Road” is full of opportunities. Foreign trade, transport logistics, infrastructure, finance, clean energy, high-tech industries and other industries will face new opportunities for development.

China and kazakhstan signed a framework agreement to support Chinese telecommunications companies in the “digital kazakhstan 2020”. The ministry of transport has signed cooperation documents on the “One Belt And One Road” transportation sector with relevant departments of Cambodia, Pakistan and myanmar. The national energy administration has signed a roadmap for energy cooperation with Swiss authorities… You can expect that these “documents” will be in bloom and will create more jobs in the near future.

The education people-to-people and cultural exchanges will continue to help you realize your dream of studying abroad and appreciate the diverse culture

The exchange of nations is on the blind date. The silk road is not only the road of commerce and trade, but also the path of exchanges and mutual learning between different civilizations. It is also the path of friendship between the peoples of the countries along the belt and road.

On May 13, China and Cyprus signed a mutual recognition of the education degree and degree agreement. At this point, China has signed a mutual recognition agreement with more than 20 countries along the One Belt And One Road, including Poland, Malaysia and Indonesia. During the peak BBS and on the eve of the ministry of education also with Russia, kazakhstan, bosnia and herzegovina, Estonia, Laos and other countries education department cooperation documents signed education field.

Predictably, along with the advancement of “area”, the education of the cooperation of countries along the China and will continue to in-depth, exchange students will gradually expand the scale and level of cooperation in running schools will also be enhanced. For young students who want to study abroad, this is a big convenience.

At the same time, the China social organizations to promote “area” and common action plan (2017-2020) “and” non-governmental organization cooperation along the silk road network “was launched in succession during peak BBS, this means that China’s social organizations and civil society groups of countries along the” area “the communication between exchanges and practical cooperation will further strengthen, really make folk forces play a role in the area along the” hearts and minds are interlinked. It can be expected that more and more people-to-people exchanges will give you more opportunities to see, read, hear and touch the open and diverse culture.

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