The construction of One Belt And One Road will be fruitful

“China – Hungary on 16 May sme cross-border investment and trade fair” held, vice mayor of chongqing municipal government gui-ping liu, Hungarian minister of foreign affairs and foreign ministry of economic affairs minister, Peter, and the bank of China governor si-qing Chen and other leaders attended the meeting.

“China-hungary friendly cooperation and” One Belt And One Road “will surely achieve more fruitful results,” said liu guiping, deputy mayor of chongqing.

Gui-ping liu said that in recent years, china-hungary relations between the two countries comprehensive and rapid development, the Hungarian “open to the east” policy with China “area” initiative highly fit, the bilateral relations face new opportunities. Under the joint efforts of the two sides, china-hungary friendly cooperation and the construction of the One Belt And One Road will surely achieve more fruitful results.

At the same time, gui-ping liu stressed that, in recent years, the bank of China closely around chongqing development planning, state-owned heavy responsibilities actively, focus on new projects, free trade area construction, port construction and other key areas, provide a comprehensive range of financial support, for chongqing economic development and all-round social progress made great contribution. The project helps a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve international development.

At present, chongqing has entered a new period of economic and social health development and open and pragmatic development. This year on April 1, China (chongqing) free trade area was officially running, bring the unprecedented good opportunities for development of chongqing open, also for chongqing to further strengthen international cooperation, especially cooperation with Hungary and the bank of China opened up a broader space. Conference, gui-ping liu said: “believe there will be more and more Hungarian friend in chongqing as the investment of choice, there will be more and more the bank of China friend in chongqing as the talent well-loved place, the prospect of the exchanges and cooperation in various fields will become more and more broad.”

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