Foreign media reported that the “One Belt And One Road” was a winner

“Area” after the Olympics, international cooperation peak BBS complete national media thumb up BBS, think through peaceful cooperation, open inclusive, learn each other mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win progress as the core spirit of the silk road and the construction of the “area” will make great contributions to the global development.

“One Belt And One Road”, the French newspaper le monde, is an ambitious and incalculable great cause of content. “Deutsche welle” website praise said, “this is a landmark idea – to build a by land and by sea will be Asian and European modern network together.

In addition to the grandiose public interest, One Belt And One Road has made it a topic of media debate in the countries along the route, including connectivity, development and prosperity. On the opening day of BBS, state television in Vietnam noted in the news that “One Belt And One Road” will promote connectivity between countries and regions along the routes. China’s “One Belt And One Road” links Asia, Europe and Africa to other countries, according to the vientiane times. Laos wants to accelerate the transition from landlocked countries to the “One Belt And One Road” initiative. “One Belt And One Road” is aimed at all people and aims to win and promote prosperity, the Philippine star said. By boosting bilateral trade and attracting more investment, the Philippines could benefit from the One Belt And One Road initiative.

“Area” will not only promote the Africa and the integration of the world economy, and it will strengthen the political integration of Africa, Rwanda new times newspaper reported that “One Belt And One Road” initiative created in the global economy for developing countries to speak of space, and bring more jobs and prosperity. Ethiopia’s state news agency said in a report, “One Belt And One Road” initiative with Africa “agenda 2063” integration development, industrialization and sustainable development in photograph echo, initiative, is the 21st century’s greatest economic cooperation to strengthen regional cooperation and sustainable development, the United Nations in 2030 to realize the sustainable development agenda provides a unique opportunity.

“At present, the rising of trade protectionism in the world, and China’s dominance of the concept of” open “and” free trade “has been the support of many countries, including Latin American countries”, this is Mexico’s the sun newspaper commentator’s point of view. “‘ in ‘all the way to build a unicom global trade and infrastructure construction in the network, the current’ area ‘has begun to take shape all the way, from the coverage data such as population and regional can also reflects the importance of”. Argentina’s el pais reported that the One Belt And One Road initiative has brought more potential for Argentina to attract Chinese investment.

According to us Forbes magazine, “One Belt And One Road” charm, lies in creating a diverse and interconnected networks, a powerful economic system covering the entire Eurasian region. Reflected in its efficient, safe and healthy competition, this is not a line, and it is a by many the Eurasian transport corridor woven network, connecting Europe and Asia, will quickly become a unified market space. China-eu cooperation now close – nearly 2000 trains have came to Europe across the Eurasian, western companies have to transport the goods by rail to China more and more interested in.

“This peak of BBS is a huge boost for international cooperation and global development.” Horton kazakhstan mainstream media editorial claims, “all the way ‘ ‘area initiative has become a new paradigm, regional and global development is a new mode of conduct mutually beneficial cooperation. With the success of a BBS, all the way’ ‘area construction came to a new historical starting point.” Spain China policy observation site article points out, “‘ area ‘initiative with the changing landscape of the world economy, all the way to start the great potential of the new development model of globalization.” The Italian news agency ansa commented that “by China to advocate and promote based on Asia, Europe, Africa, interconnection of ‘area’ initiative is all the way the world’s most important ideas and planning.”

“One Belt And One Road” is a truly global project that includes not only infrastructure, but also a new global economic Renaissance. It will benefit China and Europe, which trade closely, and will provide opportunities for the development of transit countries through the revitalization of logistics centers. Ria novosti stressed that all of the “One Belt And One Road” would be winners and would benefit from it.

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