International cooperation peak BBS “in” the south Korean government delegation PiaoBingXi 12 evening of an interview with xinhua news agency reporters in writing, said South Korea’s new President wen in Yin’s government is willing to actively participate in China’s construction “area”, wants “area” to bring new economic growth in Asia, including South Korea.

South Korea’s foreign ministry announced on the 12th, the south Korean government will send delegation to Beijing to attend the international cooperation peak BBS “area”, the south Korean parliament members of congress, former deputy speaker PiaoBingXi delegation.

“One Belt And One Road” not only belongs to China, said park, but this initiative transcends Asia and the world. This peak of BBS is an active participation of major countries such as Asia, the americas and Europe, and has received global attention and support. He expects to lay a good foundation for substantial project cooperation through active discussions between participating countries and enterprises.

Park said he hoped the “One Belt And One Road” would connect the Korean peninsula in eastern Eurasia. This has positive significance for the prosperity and peace in northeast Asia, and also contributes to the construction of the northeast Asian economic community in the future.

He says South Korea has industrialized in just 30 years. South Korea is willing to share this experience with the developing world, especially with the “One Belt And One Road” countries.

Park said the fta has created opportunities for cooperation between the two countries in trade, investment and infrastructure. In June, the aiib will hold its annual meeting in jeju, South Korea, hoping to extend the One Belt And One Road’s results.

He said he hoped to take part in the BBS as an opportunity to further consolidate the strategic partnership between the two countries. Also hopes the two sides by discussing the common third country market, such as Korea’s cooperation in the industry park substantive cooperation, promote the development of bilateral relations, benefit the two peoples.

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