China’s ambassador to France: the “One Belt And One Road” initiative will lead to more cooperation in central Europe

On May 18, Chinese ambassador to France, zhai jun, delivered a speech entitled “promoting china-france relations at a new starting point” at the diderot institute in France. Zhai said 10 days ago, the French people had just elected a new President. 3 days ago, “One Belt And One Road” held in Beijing international cooperation peak BBS, former French prime minister raffarin Mr As marolon President’s special envoy to attend, transfer to President xi jinping marolon President’s letter. The two leaders of China and France have made such rapid contacts and exchanges that they have never been seen before.

It is fair to say that the relationship between France and France started well in the new period. In his speech, zhai reviewed the history of china-france exchanges and fully affirmed France’s special status in China’s diplomatic, economic and people-to-people exchanges. Zhai also introduced the “area” initiative, he says, “One Belt And One Road” construction will drive the china-eu cooperation, while in France as the core power, will also play an important role in building a “neighbourhood” all the way.

He said: “in February of this year, I return to reception of France at the prime minister’s visit, we meet together in wuhan from Lyon to open central European trains, return to wuhan see wine away from the train, there are a lot of French products, and on the spot to the taste. It should be said that now there are a lot of goods between China and France in the new silk road through central trains run.”

Zhai, points out that the current instability, uncertainty increased significantly under the background of international, keep in the method, the healthy and stable development of china-eu relations, is in itself an important contribution to world peace and stability. Zhai believes that at the bilateral level, China and France should conduct more extensive and close practical cooperation so as to benefit the two peoples.

He pointed out that the economy has a strong complementarity, the advantage of Chinese manufacturing in breadth, made in France advantage in height, if you can combine the two, can be in France and the third markets to provide cost-effective, competitive manufacturing “in law”. He said: “at present, the law between large trade deficit, but this is not the result of China deliberately pursue, mainly attributed to the difference of both the economic structure. A positive approach is to further relying on complementarity, the cooperation of big cake, gradually to develop in the direction of balance.”

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