How much do you know about the packaging details of amazon FBA?

Some customers send goods that the logistics package is very unstandard, such as the label that the attachment has the product to fall off, some even leave a blank piece of paper. The box labels are also blurred, and the cartons are so poor that they have been worn out in the United States.

Although our artists worked patiently to change the boxes for customers, they updated the stickers.

But in the long run, this has not only increased the cost of the customer’s time, but it can also cause unnecessary loss and trouble.

Product packaging: not available in the nude

Carton packing:

The standard of five-layer corrugated paper is generally used to export cartons. Is confirmed after packing beyond the limits of weight, and waste paper, polystyrene padding or cardboard filled the gap, at a fixed commodity to avoid in the process of transportation collision because the movement of the goods in the cabinet.

The secret of the box is to fill the gap in the box and fill it up to the edge of the box, confirming that the item will not move because of the shaking. Place a piece of cardboard over the box and leave enough space to cover it.

Special packing

Some packaging will make product goods, such as pillows or real cloth goods, baby supplies, children must be wrapped in plastic bags, bag, dust, in transit will not be touched.

When the package is finished, you must make sure that the barcode is also brushed, not to be labeled ASIN.

Fragile products need to be carefully protected, such as using bubble cloth. Make sure it doesn’t bounce around in the delivery process. Barcodes must be scanned without being unopened. They will also do the impact test (throw lost five times can be broken = =) must have two layers of sealing liquid products bottle without words are to be packed with plastic wrap, this also should pass the impact test.

To highlight:

Amazon requires that everything be wrapped separately:

A sealed package, such as a box cookie, is also required to pass the impact test.

Sharp objects such as knives can’t be exposed to sharp parts.

Small products (1 inch to 2 inches) must be individually packed.

If it is sold by the whole group, it must be clearly marked and sold by the whole group.

Product labeling requirements:

The FBA label identifies the outer envelope of the goods when the amazon warehouse receives the goods.

Print FBA lable (external box), there are two options: heat sensitive paper and A4 paper.

If the client chooses to print out the A4 paper, then cover it with a transparent sheet of paper.

Label each carton of goods in front or side, two (not on the seal and the seam).

FBA to distinguish the goods, will ask the carton labeled the country again, as for the international style and color can be according to the national flag sticker 9.18 (those) turn curve (1) the inside of the requirement to do. Basically the size of the national standard is 4cm square, and it is attached to the upper right corner of the goods.

The correct method is as shown in figure:

Print the product label paper, it should be flat on the front of the product packaging, if there are other barcodes on the package, it needs to be covered with blank label paper. Make sure there is only one bar code on the package and make sure it is scanned.

Don’t have any barcodes that are suspected to be sweeping. As long as it’s confusing to Amazon, try to avoid it in order to save time.

Will be expired products: deadline must be printed on the place that Amazon researchers to look at, if it is need to use bubble cloth products must be labeled two again, a bar code label deadline. In addition, many small products will be stored in large boxes in storage, in which case each product will have its own sku. If it’s a battery, it must be labeled with a battery, especially when it comes to air freight.

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