Shenzhen to Minsk Central Line on May 22

Epicenter wide network in shenzhen on May 22 news today at 10 am 38 points, as X8428 train slowly out of shenzhen yantian port, the sailing direction belarus Minsk, this is the first trip to central bank in shenzhen area trains, marked the “region” in shenzhen for the first time effective connectivity.

Day on this trip to Minsk in shenzhen central trains, from international cargo transshipment port, shenzhen yantian port, ala shan kou exit from xinjiang, via kazakhstan, Russia and other countries, into belarus Minsk, with about 9900 kilometers of lines, is expected to run about 13 days.

Shenzhen is the 29th city in the country to set up a central European line. In 2017, shenzhen will seize a new round of technological and industrial innovation and accelerate the creation of an international center for innovation in science and technology. China-eu trains operation can be convenient to shenzhen and the pearl river delta enterprises introduced foreign advanced equipment, equipment, industrial raw materials, no factories, advanced manufacturing equipment and technology, environmental protection, promote shenzhen and in many areas in Europe, a deeper interaction and exchanges and boost industrialization process of shenzhen and the pearl river delta region.

According to introducing, shenzhen to Minsk china-eu trains will improve the pearl river delta trade leaders – the amount of foreign trade in shenzhen area, shenzhen foreign trade transport of goods to reduce costs, reduce the pressure on naval and air transport, promotion at the national center for the strategy of “region” in shenzhen city, the implementation of shenzhen city function transformation and ascension, promote industry development in shenzhen has far-reaching significance. “Central, Hong Kong and Macao to trains to Minsk in shenzhen will promote the dividends of the bay area to share all the way ‘ ‘area construction, the deepening economic and cultural exchanges between countries along the bay area and at the same time, will usher in a new round of industry development of big opportunity”

Zheng Shenggang director of guangzhou railway group freight is introduced: the central Europe early trains to Minsk operation of shenzhen will implement single wire (exports), transportation, and frequency for a class of a week, plans to begin to implement two-way transportation in September, for two weekly exports, imports class every week.

Shenzhen is represented by the pearl river delta, not only the famous foreign trade center of our country, but also the world famous light industrial product “processing plant”. Operation of china-eu trains to Minsk in shenzhen can not only improve the pearl river delta foreign trade volume, to reduce the freight cost of foreign trade, but also to the pearl river delta quality benefit “the silk road economic belt along the light industrial products of kazakhstan, Russia, belarus and other countries, radiation from Poland, Germany, Italy, Britain, the Czech republic and other countries.

According to trains the entire transport service of railway container Peng Tang is introduced: guangzhou branch vice President on this central trains transport products, mainly in electricity products as well as to the time of delivery requirements of light industry and high-tech electronic products.

Different from other city central trains composed of a single operating services, logistics companies, this central trains set foreign trade, bonded warehousing, customs clearance, intelligent logistics cross-border electricity, private gold (supply chain finance, small loans, financing lease), exhibition integrated service in a body, such as can omni-directional integration of fragmentation, distributed service for the customer resources, reduce operating costs, entity enterprise to maximize customer benefits.

Crucially, china-eu trains shenzhen to Minsk after operation, the relevant departments and enterprises, Munich also plans to Hanover exhibition “transplantation” of shenzhen, to speed up our country “smart factory” production “smart” “smart logistics” construction, boosting industrial “4.0” entering a new era sino-german cooperation quickly.

As a bridge that crosses from the “silk road” in the 21st century, shenzhen to Minsk china-eu trains on the rail linkage mode, with the port of transshipment, activate the potential of the rail transportation and energy, further play the congenital advantage of the transit trade in our country, to help countries to break the development bottleneck to speed up the economic development, build towithstand, fate is linked together with the development of community!

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