The important development mark of the “One Belt And One Road” in the central European class is taken from the roots and the flowering leaves

“One Belt And One Road” has been a milestone in the past four years since it was launched in 2013. How does it relate to the diplomacy of major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics? The people’s BBS has an exclusive interview with professor bear li li, head of the international political science department of the university of international relations at the university of international relations of international relations.

One, “One Belt And One Road” is an important mark on the flowering of leaves

People’s BBS network: “One Belt And One Road” initiative from, to take root in along the country, hosted the international peak BBS to now, the experience which important landmark events?

Bear lilly: “One Belt And One Road” initiative it nearly four years, China and many countries along the joint efforts, successfully launched many projects, for China and the countries along the “One Belt And One Road” connectivity. In the meantime, major milestone events include:

1 is the “One Belt And One Road” initiative. In September 2013, xi jinping made his first speech to central Asian countries as President of China, proposing the construction of the “silk road economic belt”. In October of the same year, President xi jinping gave a speech in the Indonesian parliament, elaborating the idea of “the 21st century maritime silk road”.

2 is the explicit definition and interpretation of “One Belt And One Road”. In March 2015, the national development and reform commission, the ministry of foreign affairs, the ministry of commerce jointly issued the “push to build the silk road economic belt and the 21st century the vision and action of the Marine silk road”, from the time background, build the key principles, framework mentality, cooperation, open cooperation mechanism, the Chinese local situation, China has taken an active action and create a bright future in eight parts, has carried on the detailed interpretation to “One Belt And One Road”.

Third, the aiib was established to provide financial support for “One Belt And One Road”. In December 2015, by the initiative of the form and 57 countries jointly set up the Asian infrastructure investment bank, was formally established, this is the first multilateral financial institutions set up by the Chinese initiative. Through the establishment of the aiib, “One Belt And One Road” began to produce a global effect. “One Belt And One Road” presents the prospect of sustainable development.

The One Belt And One Road international cooperation summit will be held in 2017. This is the first “One Belt And One Road” as the core issue of high-end multilateral international conference, heads of state and government in a number of countries will be the first on the mechanism of common platform “One Belt And One Road” to the highest level of direct communication, to provide “One Belt And One Road” more reliable communication security policy.

Two, the value agrees: “the people gather firewood and the fire is high.”

The people’s bbsnet: from the connectivity of infrastructure to the exchanges between countries, value recognition and people-to-people exchanges. How do you evaluate the development of One Belt And One Road?

Lilly: bear is the most basic material level, “One Belt And One Road” promoted the countries along the China and connectivity in the field of trade, investment and development, to share economic development through mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. But “One Belt And One Road” economic cooperation is not only limited to the physical level, focusing on the value of a higher level, “One Belt And One Road” represents the development of China’s new ideas. This development concept is dedicated to building a community of Shared future of common destiny through the common development of all countries. “One Belt And One Road” has been far beyond the basic material, more performance for the pursuit of a value level, that is, a country to achieve sustainable development, it must be common prosperity and development around the world. “One Belt And One Road” represents the development orientation of the community of Shared future.

“One Belt And One Road” international cooperation highlights the openness, and embodies a collaborative philosophy. China is eager to achieve common development with all countries in the world, and only the common development of the world can support the sustainable development of a country. In today’s world, economies are so closely linked that “everyone else is drinking soup, and the one-man meat” model is not sustainable. Only people have meat to eat, and we have more meat to eat in the future. At the end of the day, “people gather firewood and fire high” and mutually beneficial international cooperation is conducive to sustainable development.

Three, One Belt And One Road “is not in the past, nor is it finished, but in time

After people’s BBS network: since the 18th, the Chinese are put forward and strengthen the idea “superpower diplomacy with Chinese characteristics”, “One Belt And One Road” superpower diplomacy with Chinese characteristics and how the connection?

Bear li: “One Belt And One Road” is a very important realization path for China’s major country diplomacy. If you use a few key words to sum up China’s major diplomatic relations, one is a community of Shared future. The second is the right sense of justice; Third, mutual benefit. Past lacking in terms of mutual benefit and win-win progress of globalization, some countries benefit, no benefit from other countries, and within the same country, part of the benefit, others did not benefit. And powers diplomacy with Chinese characteristics advocated by the “human destiny community”, will be the development of the country in other countries, on the basis of common development, hand in hand with the cake bigger, share of share of each country is more and more. In the end, the diplomacy of China’s major powers is to focus on sharing peace and development in the world.

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