“One Belt And One Road” brings new opportunities, and the global energy and Internet development is progressing in an orderly manner

On September 26, 2015, President xi jinping put forward the idea of building the global energy Internet at the UN development summit. Over the past year, the global energy Internet has made progress with the concerted efforts of the global energy Internet development cooperation organization and relevant parties. Especially in the construction of “One Belt And One Road”, the global energy Internet becomes a powerful grip on the implementation of the facility and will achieve tangible results.

The global energy Internet is the basic platform for clean energy to be developed, delivered and used on a global scale. Essence of uhv power grid “smart grid” clean energy, build the Internet, global energy will increase in global energy development, configuration, and use efficiency, realize the connectivity and complementary each other aid and mutually beneficial win-win and common development.

Clean energy efficiency is rapidly improving

The global energy Internet cooperation organization believes that the conditions for building the global energy Internet are already in place. Especially uhv, smart grid and other key technology is mature, plus or minus 1.1 million kv high-voltage direct current transmission distance can reach more than 6000 km, transport capacity of 12 million to 12 million kw. In addition, in the economy, clean energy generation economy is rapidly improving, and the price of the uae and Chile’s 2020 pv project is low to 3 cents per kilowatt hour. By 2025, the competitiveness of wind and photovoltaic power will exceed fossil fuels. Politically, all countries increasing mutual trust, the United Nations established the sustainable development agenda in 2030, signed the Paris agreement and push forward formally went into effect on November 4, 2016. The global energy Internet has been included in the 2016 g20 hangzhou business and business summit (B20) policy recommendation report. Addressing climate change and promoting the transformation of the world’s energy has become a consensus and concerted action by all countries to create a sound political environment for building the global energy Internet.

We will effectively eliminate the non-electric population and improve the quality of development

According to the global energy cooperation organization for the Internet, to adjust measures to local conditions, push forward the continents energy future Internet construction, form joint, joint development of the world’s energy infrastructure interconnectivity of the construction of the new situation, and gradually achieve interconnection and intercontinental interconnected domestic interconnection, state and basic built the world’s energy by 2050 to the Internet.

To promote the development of the global energy Internet, the core is to grasp practice and catch projects to land. The “One Belt And One Road” is a rare opportunity. In the “One Belt And One Road” building, the global energy and Internet development cooperation organization is actively promoting the china-pakistan grid connectivity project. After research and communication on both sides, has formed in China’s xinjiang kuqa Lahore (ili) – + 800 kv / 8 million w high-voltage dc network engineering and China xinjiang kashgar – Pakistan flood + 400 kv / 600000 kw flexible dc network engineering and other engineering plan. The global energy and Internet development cooperation organization has recently reached a strategic partnership with Pakistan’s punjab province, and the joint project has been launched as soon as possible. The project economic benefit is remarkable, it not only can significantly reduce the Pakistan high electricity cost, also can be in xinjiang wind, coal resources advantages into economic advantages.

China – myanmar – Bangladesh, China – myanmar – Thailand grid connectivity project is also in the process of further research. At present, cooperation organization, southern power grid and so on utilization of UN escap, the greater Mekong subregion cooperation platform, and push related work and research programmes in China’s yunnan province, myanmar mandalay, chittagong, Bangladesh + 660 kv / 5 million kw dc network engineering and China’s yunnan province – the Burmese Bob solid – Bangkok, Thailand, plus or minus 800 kv / 8 million w high-voltage dc network engineering. In southeast Asia, per capita electricity consumption is only half that of the world per capita. The percentage of people living in countries such as Burma and Cambodia is 68 percent and 66 percent. Lack of electricity and energy security is an important factor in economic poverty in southeast Asia. Promoting the connectivity between China and the countries in southeast Asia can help relevant countries effectively eliminate the non-electric population and improve the quality of livelihood and development. All of these networked projects are powered by hydropower in yunnan, China, and will play an important role in alleviating water problems in the southwest of China. Moreover, the long-term development of regional energy and economic integration will be further enhanced through the continuous strengthening of the connectivity between the south China grid and asean countries.

Many countries expressed the positive will to build common development

Mon-china-japan-rok connectivity project is also progressing steadily. In northeast Asia, Mongolia, wind power and solar energy is very rich in coal resources, large countries such as South Korea, Japan’s energy demand but limited resources, through uhv dc transmission, China hub in east China power grid, the construction of northeast Asia interconnected power grid, conform to the development of northeast Asia, has significant economic benefits. Based on this consideration, in March 2016, the state grid company of China power commune with South Korea, Japan’s softbank group, Russian grid corporation signed a memorandum of understanding “the northeast electric power network, and set up in May cast – in – Korea – Japan networking engineering joint working group, to carry out the project research, has now completed preliminary feasibility study.

Build the world’s energy to the Internet, through the extension of power grid and clean energy interconnectivity resolve such outstanding problems as electrical power and energy supply security, has been around and “neighbourhood” all the way along broad support of the country, they have expressed a desire to common construction actively. At the United Nations in the asia-pacific energy committee meeting, Thai deputy energy minister weng said, network connectivity, can achieve complementary resources and regional balance, effectively reduce the prices, is good for every country, this is the reason who all can’t refuse. India’s deputy energy minister said Mr Prasad, neighboring countries such as India and China power grid interconnection, can achieve a wider range of optimal allocation of power and balance, for India to provide clean, popularization and low cost electric power supply. Iran’s deputy energy minister said ferrari hatti Ann, would like to transfer of technology, equipment manufacturing, engineering design, etc, to carry out pragmatic cooperation and jointly promote Iran and neighboring countries of electricity trade and network engineering construction.

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